PAM you don’t build, you buy it off the shelf – The five-stage ‘rethink’ driving Pragmatic Solutions success

There’s no need to build a player account management platform (PAM) for your own business because it can take years and there’s no guarantee of success, said Mark Woollard, Business Development Director at Pragmatic Solutions, iGaming Platform.

Woollard (pictured above) explained: “There’s no inherent value in PAM – either it does what it needs to do, in which case you’ll be able to focus on elements that differentiate your business, or it doesn’t do what it needs to do (which is the case most of the time), and it’ll then block all your business plans.”  

Many iGaming platforms fail to deliver what operators demand because their core technology is not aligned with today’s key requirements – agility, adaptability and constancy. 

The main priority for the PAM provider, according to Woollard, must be to adjust to the operator’s demands and make the journey more straightforward and secure. 

“Flexibility is the secret behind quick progress and the lack of it only drags the operator down and limits its chance of expansion,” he said. “Pragmatic Solutions has, therefore, rethought its iGaming platform approach in five key areas.”

The first of these was to implement a modular design to the PAM which allows for quick and effortless integration of third-party products and services. 

“By choosing the modular approach, Pragmatic Solutions has become an open, flexible, scalable iGaming platform that can entirely fit what operators expect, regardless of the products that they want to integrate or how quickly they want to do it,” Woollard explained. “The platform is both agile and stable enough to keep operators away from switching suppliers in the long run.” 

Continuing this commitment to flexibility, the second PAM rethink was to use APIs that act like ‘building blocks’ to simplify the integration and maintenance of software. 

Woollard added: “Through APIs, operators can swiftly implement the services they need while also allowing the platform itself to scale. There is no risk of outdated technology because everything is separated into modules and APIs, with the possibility to add new ones as the market demands it.”

Regulation was highlighted as the third key area, because an operator can reach a bigger audience if its PAM provider is certified to operate in more markets.

In an interview this January, we learned why getting certified in the UK  was such a big breakthrough for Pragmatic Solutions in 2019. The platform also operates with clients licensed in Malta and Curacao, with plans to expand to Sweden, Denmark, Africa and North America in the near future. 

Fourthly, Pragmatic believes that understanding an operator’s journey to success and business orientation, over the long-term, is key to developing a well-rounded PAM. 

“Putting the client first and fostering long-term partnerships is a business-oriented approach that Pragmatic Solutions thoroughly respects,” said Woollard. “Many iGaming platforms force operators to use a limited number of home products while making them pay excessively for custom services. At Pragmatic Solutions, everything is oriented towards business growth and long-lasting partnerships.”

This idea of not forcing home products leads into Pragmatic’s fifth and final PAM platform rethink, which is to facilitate additional product reach by allowing clients to select from the widest range of services, whether this is for banking, payment solutions, games content, sportsbook services or in other areas.

For example, Pragmatic Solutions has two sportsbooks currently integrated in the platform – BetConstruct and Altenar. Yet that is just because two of its clients requested those sportsbooks.

“An operator decides who they want to work with for any of the products,” said Woollard. “That could be for sports, bingo, live casino etc. We then go out on their behalf and integrate that product into the platform for their use.”

He concluded: “The variety of providers makes it much more convenient for operators to source up-to-date products that are constantly counterclaimed in the industry.”

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