Two overlooked sports for your bookmaker offering in 2019

Jakub Myszkorowski – STATSCORE

If you are still wondering how to make your online betting offer standout from your competitors, you can go in a couple of directions, according to Jakub Myszkorowski, Chief Commercial Officer at STATSCORE.

The simple one is, of course, to make your odds more competitive but does this put your bottom line at financial risk? The second offer is, he said, safer but still thrilling.

Why not extend your offer by hanging your hat on these two overlooked but revamped sports…

Ski Jumping – scoring changes open new possibilities 

Brave men and women, along a slippery slope, take a fast approach to the take-off ramp and a jump into the air with only two skis strapped to their feet. What else do you need to build tension? Ski jumping is a major sport in many European and Asian countries. 

This discipline has become even more competitive and fascinating since changes to the scoring process in 2009. Thanks to the introduction of both gate and wind factors the chances for all participating athletes have been made as equal as possible. 

According to the Statista data for the season 2015/16, ski jumping gathered 2.8 billion TV viewers in the ten leading countries of viewership. This is the most of the ‘snow’ sports! You can’t pass by such audience without a try to win some of them for your betting website.

Ski jumping has more than 200 years of history, far longer than football with the first public jump made by Olaf Rye, a Norwegian military officer in 1808. 

Rye flew for only 9.5 meters, which will not impress anyone today, but at that time the crowd was astonished. Jumpers nowadays take it to the limit with jumps that can be over 250 meters. This is almost two and a half lengths of a football pitch!

The tournaments progress quickly and results are available immediately, which makes it a great sport to place bets on. You can extend your offer by providing the chance to bet on the winner of the tournament, head to heads or which ski jumpers will finish on the podium. 

Add in breath-taking visualizations through dedicated sports widgets from STATSCORE, and you can be sure to inspire more people to bet aggressively across a wider range of offers.

Speedway – an undervalued legacy motor sport

One of the greatest motor-sports, but still underestimated in many countries. With great popularity in Australia, the USA, the UK, North and Central Europe it still is not promoted successfully in many other parts of the world. 

This means a lot of fans miss this thrilling entertainment, where four riders with fast bikes race on an oval track. They have four runs to determine the final order and oh, did we mention that there are no brakes and that the steering only allows riders to turn in one direction? Whoa, this is pretty crazy and tempting.

The governing bodies of world speedway have made a lot of effort to deliver very entertaining competitions with famous Grand Prix and a World Cup. 

There are also domestic competitions and some of these are perceived as the top leagues by fans thanks to the participation of the world’s greatest riders. The top three leagues are the Polish Ekstraliga, the British SGB Premiership and the Swedish Elitserien.

With the immediate results of each race and the entertaining entourage of each tournament (regardless if it is a league meeting or an individual tournament), Speedway offers lots of possibilities for the betting markets. Starting with picking the overall competition winner and going down to more detailed bets for particular meetings and tournaments.

Like with Ski Jumping, once these betting markets are backed up with the best visualizations from STATSCORE, you can expect more people to get involved in online betting for speedway.

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