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6 of the Best – LeoVegas’ Gloria Cereda

Gloria Cereda, Account Management Lead at LeoVegas, has become the latest industry high-flyer to complete a 6 of the Best profile for SBC News. Find out which band gave her goose bumps, two books that she strongly recommends for all women, and why she chose to pursue a career in marketing.

Gloria CeredaBest Holiday

The best trip of my life so far has been backpacking in South East Asia – over a month trip across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. An on the road journey across mountains, oceans, lakes, jungle, busy cities which has helped me understand more things about myself which you don’t normally have the time to think of in your everyday life.

Best Album

Parachutes by Coldplay, my all-time favourite song being Yellow (soppy but true!). I watched them in concert twice at Wembley and in Milan – both times I had goose bumps throughout the whole show!

Best Film

What Women Want. Okay, I know this isn’t exactly what can be described as masterpiece, but this has been very significant for my life. I remember watching this film at a very young age and being so fascinated by her job, her determination and power that I decided on that day that I would pursue a marketing career.

Best Sporting Experience

As an Inter Milan fan, the best year of my life has been 2010. Inter won five cups including the Champions League. I watched the final against Bayern on a maxi screen in Piazza Duomo, Milan with thousands other fans. The atmosphere was incredible, a great moment for the club and the fans. After the match, I remember releasing an interview to a local newspaper, in tears, declaring that having a baby would probably not give me this same joy!

Best Book

You must allow me to name two books here: a classic and a business book that I strongly recommend to all women out there.

The classic is 1984, George Orwell. I have been always fascinated by the power of media, influence and advertising. Orwell describes a future in which media have an enormous control over people’s decisions and actions. Think about the plague of fake news or the recent scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. How far are we from an Orwellian world?

The business book is ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg. Calling all women in business out there – this is your book! Sherly will take you through an incredible journey on how to tackle the challenges, that we, as women, face in our everyday life at work. A call to act and stand up for yourself, your career, your family. For me it was illuminating.

Best App

The best app for me is definitely SkyView®, an astronomy app. As a kid, I was particularly attracted to Astronomy as well as Epic. I have spent a lot of time with telescope and astrolabe to identify the stars and read their stories. Behind every constellation in fact, there is an amazing Epic story behind. The SkyView® app allows you to just point your phone at the sky and recognise the constellation you are looking at. Much quicker and easy!

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