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OPTIMA’s Jacob Lopez: Facilitating the immediacy and convenience of mobile betting

Optima CEO Jacob Lopez said that the rise of mobile betting has played a major role in the development of its MGS platform, which is now utilised by partners worldwide.

OptimaMGS™ is a turn-key high performance gaming platform which allows operators to serve its customers through multiple engagement channels under a single system, using both integrated OPTIMA products as well as hundreds of third-party fully integrated products managed from a central point.

We caught up with Lopez to discuss the influence of mobile betting, the speed of its in-play product, the importance of CRM and marketing tools such as promotion processing, and a growing data-dependence ahead of this summer’s World Cup.

SBC: As mobile becomes a more popular destination for bettors, how important is the multi-channel flexibility of OptimaMGS™?

JL: Undoubtedly, mobile betting has taken a big role in recent years thanks to the immediacy and convenience that allow the bettor to place their bet anytime, anywhere, while watching a match or doing use of social networks.

MGS is a real multichannel suite; all features can be offered across any channel, mobile, desktop, retail, call centre, offering a consistent product full of possibilities.

The full-flexibility and dynamics of our system allows each of our customers and partners to decide how to shape the business, whilst OPTIMA shapes the platform based on the unique requirements of the operator. The system is fully configurable by the operator itself, who has access to all parts of the system, however, with the 24×7 support and availability of OPTIMA support teams for any questions or items that would require clarification or action by OPTIMA.

How much does the speed of its in-play product set MGS apart from the competition?

JL: We can offer a level of performance in real-time that no other in the market could achieve. Facts are clear, OptimaMGS™ processes all transactions immediately with a baseline of tens of thousands of operations per second in peak time using a medium size infrastructure that can quickly and flexibly scale out to service the demands of the operators.

An actual production up time of 99.99%, whilst offering up to 300 live events simultaneously, with just milliseconds processing time from the feed suppliers all the way through the hands of the customer; basically, zero delay, each of them with hundreds of markets and selections constantly created and settled, updating pricing and statuses as well as rich stadium or venue data.

These service levels, together with amount of content processing and the ability of accepting tens of thousands of bets per second with full real time automated hybrid Human-AI led risk management active in the system, is a strong reason why our partners and customers see a huge revenue increase when switching or setting up or platform.

Promotions need to be regularly updated to stand out; can you tell us more about why real-time promotion processing is an important factor for MGS? And will you help operators to stay compliant with incoming CAP standards?

JL: Promotions are an important CRM and marketing tool for our partners, that is why we have designed a specific Promotion Management module which allows operators to use the ready-to-launch existing real time promotions such as registration bonuses, deposit bonuses, money back, and other best-in market promotions, but also allows the operator to create that trigger based on user activity and activity trends, such as churn prevention or activation campaigns, across all channels and verticals, for OPTIMA and third party integrated products.

All these features and more such as embedded anti-bonus-abuse strategies and product features, unlimited segmentation parameters and the use of Machine Learning and AI algorithms, make the OptimaMGS™ platform promotion system one of the most powerful ones, not only for the gaming industry, but in general.

Regarding the incoming CAP standards, at OPTIMA we strive to support our partners to accomplish the different standards in the market.

How do the OPTIMA API and third-party payment systems ensure risk mitigation to protect operators from social responsibility failures and AML penalties?

JL: OptimaMGS™ permits the definitions of automated flows that allows the operators to keep the risks and the AML policies under control. Furthermore, the latest changes regarding promotions mechanics which were applied recently to some markets, are fully met by the OptimaMGS™ promotion system to ensure customers don’t abuse promotions.

This summer’s World Cup is likely to be the most data dependent World Cup in history; how has OPTIMAMGS evolved to keep up with the increased levels of data?

JL:  At OPTIMA, we love competition, and an event of this calibre could not be having more attention from our side regarding data management and capacity.

OptimaMGS™ platform is well known for its stability, capacity and performance, bundled with our Advance Analytics and Business Intelligence systems, which are the base to machine learning and AI led customer segmentation and processing. This all makes OptimaMGS™ the perfect platform to support all-time operators’ requirements, including special events such as the football World Cup.

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