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STATSCORE’s Marcin Rymaszewski: Standing out from the crowd

This time last week, we learned that two data products from STATSCORE, LivematchPro and Prematch Center, had been implemented on Ladbrokes’ Belgian facing website (

Therefore, we caught up with Marcin Rymaszewski, the company’s Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, to find out more about what they do, how they keep pace with the data demand, and mobilising their market forces to achieve sustained growth.

SBC: Can you begin by introducing STATSCORE as a company and describing what you do?

MR: STATSCORE is one of the leading providers of high quality, user friendly sports data and IT solutions. We track, capture, compile, store and distribute information in various forms. Our solutions allow us to deliver data directly from the stadium to the client in both XML or JSON format.

We take pride in meeting the needs of the widest possible range of corporate and individual clients operating in the sports media and betting markets. STATSCORE achieve this by offering the highest quality products using the latest technology and effective methods of software development.

SBC: Data and statistics now play such a prominent part in the sports betting industry; given that the market is becoming increasingly saturated, what makes you stand out from the rest?

MR: We love to hear customer requests for new features and improvements! We are working in Agile, so we can deliver any feature based on the customer’s needs, in a very short space of time. So, flexibility for change and our openness to customer’s ideas are very important. This said, a unique customer support base and easy integration of our products are among the most important reasons customers choose STATSCORE products.

SBC: And how do you ensure that you keep up with the scale of the data collected?

MR: Storing and expanding a large database is always a huge challenge. Based on over 10 years of experience we decided a couple years ago to change the way we store and archive our data. It was a very good decision.

Now we are using the latest technology available and this allows us to scale up our data collection process, and gives us the possibility of adding almost unlimited information. Of course, the technology itself is very important, but our ever-growing team of Sports Data Editors are also playing a huge role. This team ensures that our data is constantly monitored and kept safe by a team of experts.

SBC: You are partners with many companies from across the globe, including Ladbrokes and Eurobet; how important is it to build up a strong portfolio of partners?

MR: It would be trivial if I said it’s extremely important. From our perspective, the more experienced the partner, the more we can build and achieve. With such companies like Eurobet, Fortuna or Ladbrokes, we are working with people who have over a dozen years’ experience in the sport’s betting business. Thanks to them, we are constantly improving our products.

SBC: STATSCORE has been ranked among the top ten fastest growing companies in Central Europe; what plans are in place to help you capitalise on that growth and expand even further?

MR: We really have been growing very fast. This was confirmed by the Deloitte Top Fast 50 Awards in 2016. Our idea is to use all the positive aspects of our growth to increase the number of customers as well as increasing the marketing value of the awards and continue to build brand awareness. Now is the time to mobilize all the forces we must make that jump to an even higher level, especially as we still feel like we have the potential and the ideas of a start-up.

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