Standing out from the crowd: LeoVegas delivers SEO advice to affiliate partners

LeoVegas has encouraged its affiliate partners to stand out from the crowd by connecting better with long-tail keywords, improving load times and making regular checks on website rank.

As part of its Affiliate Academy, launched in December of last year, the Swedish-based gaming operator promoted the value of long-tail keywords to establish better communication between a website or blog and its customers.

Citing an example of turning a list of specialist areas into a long-tail keyword, LeoVegas commented: “Let’s take the iGaming industry as an example, if someone searches ‘online casino’ they are going to get a vast amount of results. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

“If your page specialises in Live Casino information for new players, you can use keywords like ‘Live Casino game play made easy’. Long-tailed keywords are all about establishing better lines of communication between your website or blog and customers who are already out there, actively searching and shopping.”

The latest in a series of articles published by the academy, ‘Tips of the trade: SEO, optimisation, content and more’ also suggests that website owners must focus on improving load times by optimising images, compressing code, minimising redirects, maximising server response times and utilising browsing cache.

LeoVegas said: “If your website is slow, it can seriously damage your optimisation and thus, result in less converted page views. The more efficient your page, the higher your changes are of received a good conversion rate as it is more likely that readers will be impressed with your site and visit again.”

Formerly known as Webmaster Tools, the use of Search Console is an important way to measure the impact of SEO efforts on keyword ranking, click through rates (CTR) and conversion.

As LeoVegas explains: “You can run for a whole day, but if you don’t track how many miles you have covered, you have no proof of what you have accomplished and no stats to compare with next time you run. The same goes for your website; if you keep making all the efforts to include SEO, but never check where you rank, how will you know how you are doing? And what you can do better?”

Click here to read the full Affiliate Academy article.

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