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Hannah-Rose Farrington

What core dynamics and values drive a consumer to deposit and engage with an online sports betting operator. User experience and digital marketing consultancy Global Reviews details seven key drivers that betting consumers analyze when making their purchase decision.

In an ultra-competitive price driven industry, Global Reviews notes that design and style factors play a significant role in a player’s final destination. 


When thinking about placing a bet online, 87% of online sports bettors in the UK already have a betting provider in mind. However, our extensive in-market research also reveals that even the leading online sports betting brands are losing on average 75% of their potential customers during their online orientation.

This means that customers change their minds while comparing competing companies.

So where along this discovery journey do online sports betting providers lose potential customers? Here we detail 7 components which will reduce the amount of customers who choose a competitor over your brand.

With our unique research program Fruition, we uncovered what the main drivers of UK players are when selecting their preferred provider and where the missed opportunities lie. Coral performs best overall, with William Hill a close second.

We observed 360 regular bettors who researched over 32 sports betting providers during the discover stage of the journey, who then narrowed it down to a shortlist of preferred brands and ultimately a final preference.

We’d like to share the highlights of our detailed analysis of the five most popular brands of those surveyed, outlining the main drivers of online betting customers and how well the providers are doing in comparison to their competitors.

  1. Familiarity

Indeed, the main reason to prefer a provider is down to familiarity with the brand, with over half of the participants stating they have used the company of their choice before. Coral scores highest at 66%, followed closely by William Hill at 63%.

  1. Trust

Trust is immensely important when choosing a brand and again for those who prefer Coral, this is a strong driver, leading with 63%.

  1. Easy to understand

Betting options that are easy to understand are essential in the decision-making process of bettors. Yet, as we found, the majority of providers do not offer enough clarity at this key stage of the journey and as a result see prospective customers placing their bets elsewhere. Coral and William Hill score the highest with both 44%.

  1. Visually appealing

The website has to be visually appealing, for players to stick around to find more information and ultimately place a bet. 47% of those who chose Coral, said that this was an important driver for choosing them, compared to 34% for Bet365.

  1. Plenty of Options

Players want to have plenty of options to choose from. Again, 47% of those with Coral as a final preference stated this as one of the main reasons for their decision, while Ladbrokes and Bet365 got 35%.

  1. Best odds/ offers

Naturally, bettors look for the best odds/ offers for their needs, with a third of participants listing this as a main driver. Bet365, Coral and William Hill score joint top at 34%, with Ladbrokes coming out lowest at 29% of the 5 leading brands.

  1. Find betting options quickly

Clear signposting means that customers can locate the betting options more quickly. This is a main driver for 27% of participants. We measured the effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction and evaluation of locating betting options and what support is offered on each website and found Ladbrokes scored best with an average of 53%. Noticeably, all brands score low on efficiency and support. We also learned that a website is most successful when it offers:

  • Clear visual hierarchy between elements of the page
  • Clean distinction between components
  • Simple design


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