Sennette Lam, Director of Talent & Co-Founder, TalentBet

TalentBet: a tailored and knowledgeable approach to the art of recruitment

Sennette Lam, Director of Talent & Co-Founder at igaming and fintech recruitment specialist TalentBet, shares her view on what it takes to stand out as a recruiter in an industry that’s constantly seeking the very best talent.

For those of our audience who are not already familiar with TalentBet, tell us about your company and give us a brief overview of your back story.

We started TalentBet back in January 2023. Having worked within igaming recruitment for many years I was given the opportunity to create something really special over at Talentbet, so with a few talented recruiters I had the pleasure of working with previously we set up what we believe to be a more modernised, personal and specialist focused recruitment provider. 

At present we have two dedicated divisions, one focusing purely within the igaming sphere which is run by our talent manager Ana Lopes, and the second division is aimed towards the Fintech industry which is now being developed by its own talent manager, Rebecca Spiteri Bugeja. At present we have six dedicated recruiters, all of whom come with experience within recruiting for their division, which is what sets us apart. We are the experts in what we do, our teams are not diluted but specific for the clients’ and candidates’ needs.

Recruitment is one of the most specialised and difficult of disciplines. What is it about TalentBet that sets it apart from other companies in the recruitment space? 

Most agencies out there will cover multiple industries, or specialise in one or two, but not all have the right people with the right knowledge working on their roles. Because we are only employing experts within this field this is then giving clients a more tailored, knowledgeable and efficient service. Additionally, because the recruiter really understands their needs, candidates have access to more quality roles that are presented to them based on their experience. Aside from this, having experience and large networks – particularly within igaming – really helps in our search for the best people. 

What’s your approach to helping clients and candidates get the most out of the recruitment process?

First we need to understand the client, what the brand represents and what they look for in candidates aside from their skillset. Once we have built that rapport with the client it’s much easier for us to sell the great reasons why a candidate should apply and choose them for their next career move. At TalentBet our relationships with the clients and candidates are key – everything after that is simply processes and admin. Understanding your clients/candidate needs is the most important thing to be successful. 

What advice would you give to clients and candidates when looking to secure the services of a recruitment specialist like yourselves?

Ensure that using outside help for your recruitment is the best step for you. Having an extra hand in finding the right people or the right job is always helpful and can result in you ending up with the best possible results. I would say do your research first, ensure you understand best how a recruitment provider like TalentBet can help you achieve your goals and take it from there. We are always available to talk you through our process and how best we can assist you.

You’re going to be exhibiting at this year’s SBC Summit Barcelona. What are your plans for the event and what are you most looking forward to over the three days?

So this will be our very first stand at any conference and we couldn’t be more excited. Already having a big presence in Malta, which is where we are based, our main goal is to connect with companies and candidates that are maybe not so familiar with who we are and what we can offer. We have a very exciting stand this year where you can win some really nice prizes, so make sure you stop by, our team of recruiters will be there ready to introduce Talentbet to you all.