SBC News Aiste Garneviciene - Betgames.TV - My ICE 2016

Aiste Garneviciene – Betgames.TV – My ICE 2016

Ahead of ICE Totally Gaming we spoke to Aiste Garneviciene of Betgames.TV to hear her views on how she prepares for ICE, how it’s just like Christmas and what Betgames.TV has planned for the event.

Aiste Garneviciene is COO at BetgamesTV, a developer and supplier of innovative and interactive gaming products for betting operators based in Lithuania. BetgamesTV will be present at stand S1 102 at this year’s ICE.

How I prepare for ICE 

Aiste  Garneviciene, Betgames.TV
Aiste Garneviciene, Betgames.TV

There is little time for anything other than running through many to-do lists, reviewing the agenda and preparing for planned meetings. ICE is always a nice experience, thanks to the plentiful opportunities to meet old friends and partners. Moreover, we love to encounter new challenges which go hand in hand with fresh contacts.

In short it’s just like Christmas…you put a lot of effort into its preparation and then wait for a miracle. Sometimes you receive wonderful but unexpected gifts and you’re over the moon about it The same at ICE! The more you give, the more you get. As a company is trying to present something original every year. Last year our stand was very well visited and many pictures were taken there.

What I am doing at ICE 2016?

First and foremost, having a good time! Seriously though ICE is hectic, and we’ll be meeting numerous partners and clients, presenting optimistic future plans and sealing the deals. That’s what everybody loves to do, right? Behind that though are many hours of hard work.

We all love the gambling industry. Once you’re in, there’s no way out! That’s why you’ll see smiling and helpful staff in our stand. There’ll be no strangers as hosts – only team members.

What I’m looking forward to at ICE 2016?

Thousands of visitors and thousands of smiles. Hundreds of handshakes and business cards. Dozens of meetings and agreements. There also will be smaller and bigger gifts, surprises at different stands, shots at one bar or another, and some awkward moments. You could look forward to these or dread them, but they will be there all the same. ICE is so special because of all of them! It has such a unique vibe after all. This is what I’m looking forward to at ICE 2016!

Where you will usually find me at ICE?

S1-102 and S1-200 – let’s meet and chill at our stands. After all, there are plenty of reasons to do that! You could check our services on different devices, have a shot or two at the mini bar, play mini golf for a secret prize, take a picture with some beautiful girls, and get a calendar which is dedicated to Rio 2016. All the girls that will be there are our games’ presenters.

First ICE attended

It was in 2013 and I have plenty of great memories from it! We had a small stand, a minor delegation and tiny goals. That was the year we just wanted to look around and say a big hello to the gambling world.

Typical post-ICE activity

The hope is that post-ICE is as busy as pre-ICE! It tends to involve answering lots of emails and phone calls for several weeks with a big smile on my face. It’s also working with the IT department regarding new features or clients’ customization needs. Mostly though, it’s feeling pumped, remembering ICE and thinking about next year. What could we do better, how could we give more and of course how to get more.

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