National Basketball Players Association opens sports betting discussion

Michele Roberts

Michele Roberts the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) told ESPN Radio that the body had begun to engage players in discussions regarding the possibility of allowing sports betting on matches.

Roberts’ statements follow NBA Commissioners Adam Silver ongoing public support for legalised sports betting to enter the US sports market.

Roberts stated that at present the NBPA did not have an official position on sports betting, but that it had begun to explore and research the potential impact of the matter on all levels of US Basketball.

Roberts has yet to discuss legalised sports betting with Adam Silver, however she acknowledged the concerns that professional sporting bodies have on the matter. Nevertheless Roberts further acknowledged that US sporting bodies needed to discuss how to funnel effective revenues from sports betting, should it become legal in the future.

“I know all the negatives that up to today have kept gambling outside of the realm of what is appropriate in terms of sports. But let’s not ignore the big elephant in the room. There’s a lot of money being made. “Roberts commented

US pro leagues (NHL,NBA, NFL, MLB) and the NCAA will head to the US appeals court this March to fight New Jerseys efforts to offer sports betting services in licensed gambling premises (casino and racetracks).

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