SBC Digital Summit CIS: A one-size fits all solution is no longer good enough

Personalisation and the use of enhanced technologies are among some of the several ways in which betting and gaming operators can continue to engage with players, with a ‘one size fits all’ solution now considered to be redundant.

Speaking at the SBC Digital Summit CIS this morning on a panel entitled ‘Platform to Success’, Sergey Berezhnoy – Chief Product Officer at Parimatch – emphasised that players are now demanding enhanced data and increased speed for accessing betting markets. 

He said: “The expansion of 4G meant more for betting than any other internal technology that we invented. Access to the internet and to live betting for all of our players is much more important than what we do internally. 

“If we’re talking about the technologies within our company, I would have to say that the increased speeds of being able to place bets and faster markets – such as one minute and five minute markets – have been helpful in making games much more engaging. It’s really interesting when you have fast data and fast analysis.

“Personalisation is also key. We must understand how we adjust all that we show for that particular user. Make them their own bubble within that application or website that is specifically tailored to their interests. This, coupled with fast data and analysis, are two things which are driving a more engaging betting experience right now.”

Berezhnoy was joined on the panel by Georgia Shamugia, CEO of Singular, and Martin Prantner, CEO and Founder of Finnplay Technologies. The session was moderated by Golden Race Founder and CEO, Martin Wachter.

Echoing Berezhnoy’s views on personalisation, Prantner explained that the betting and gaming industry appears to be lagging behind when it comes to delivering a fully personalised experience for the player.

Drawing on an anecdote about visiting a supermarket, he noted that consumers across all different types of industries are looking for a tailored offering: “I completely agree with what Sergey had to say about personalisation. Although I would actually go a step further and say that the latest data and technologies which we are applying is about mass personalisation. 

“If you look at the average consumer nowadays, not just online but also land-based gambling and even other industries, you could say that users are quite spoilt for choice. For example, if you go to the supermarket, have a look at how many yoghurts are on the shelf. It almost feels like there is a yoghurt specifically produced for me, for my personal tastes and preferences.  And now, that’s what consumers are expecting. 

“Rolling out a one-size fits all solution is no longer good enough anymore. I want to have a very personalised offering, but we’re not quite seeing that in the gaming industry.  If I’m a formula one fan, my preferred betting operator should know that. Those bets are primarily the ones that I want to see. This is how I see the industry’s technology evolving into a much more personalised experience and ensuring that we’re giving the players what they actually want. 

“It’s about relevant content, and technology can be an enabler for this. Big data has been a topic of interest for the last few years, but now we have more tools around artificial intelligence. I think we’ll see a number of applications popping up in the years to come which will apply AI which I feel will be for the benefit of the player in giving them very personalised solutions.”

SBC Digital Summit CIS (4 – 5 November 2020) is the leading virtual conference and exhibition for the betting and gaming industry in the CIS, Ukraine and Georgia. It features more than 70 expert speakers sharing insights and ideas about the future of markets across the region, with all 18 conference sessions available both live and on-demand. 

Delegates can also enjoy a programme of networking roundtables and an interactive product display area showcasing the latest industry innovations. Click here to register for your free pass.

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