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Giancarlo Tottoli – Jacktime – Committing the time and resources to achieve true cash-out potential

Jacktime, the Bronze Sponsor for the upcoming Betting on Sports conference (12-15 September), provides disruptive real-time betting software, centred around its Cash-Out feature.

Just three weeks before the event, we spoke to the Jacktime Co-Founder Giancarlo Tottoli about the company’s headline product, plans for the coming months, and what he expects #boscon2017 delegates to learn about its services at Olympia Conference Centre.

SBC: What is the biggest thing that Jacktime is bringing to the sports betting market?

GT: The best cash-out and partial cash-out product, with innovative features that allow players to apply changes to their open bets while enabling the bookmaker to earn a second, individually manageable margin.

These are accompanied and in alignment with our advanced auto cash-out tool, which includes different possibilities for punters to define different types of limits – not only bound to the stake – automatically triggering a full or partial cash-out.

Then there is Re-Bet, which is a great tool to recycle stakes faster as full and partial cash-out amounts are directly wagered again without any interruption.  On top of all of that, we also have a fully customizable, restriction free ‘edit my bet’ tool. Just to mention a few features and yet more exciting ones are to come.

All our features cover all player demographics and jurisdictions and traders will also be happy as they are offered a very extensive set of also unprecedented configuration parameters.

SBC: As a development team, where do you feel that industry operators/stakeholders are being under-served?

GT: There are a few exceptions of course, but in general when it comes to R&D, most operators lack specialist know-how. As a bookmaker’s development staff is so busy and must deal with overloaded roadmaps, it is rather impossible to achieve the level of dedication and excellence that is required.

It either takes a long time to get a project live, and in most cases its then only a simple version that still needs to be further developed, maintained and so on, for which there are no resources and time.

And with regards to Cash-Out, we will most likely see and face a similar evolution as the one for live betting – the more established it becomes in the future and internationally amongst punters, the higher will be the competitive pressure and the demand by players to have a state of the art product.

SBC: How does the Jacktime cash-out product differ to traditional industry cash-out modules?

GT: Current cash-outs can be very restrictive. And, often calculations are erroneous to the bookmakers’ and/or player’s disadvantage, with a second margin or additional cash-out transaction leading to an additional margin. The bottom line is, true cash-out potential cannot be exploited due to a non-optimal, erroneous and incomplete product offer.

The detail of the product matters. We have the time and resources to focus on our feature-rich solution and product availability; our Cash-out is available for all betting types and markets, alongside moving line betting markets and markets with cash-back (i.e. all varieties of handicaps).

The product also comes with a high degree of customisation and the most advanced edit my bet product, where customers can increase stake or add/remove selections at any time for any combination of markets.

In the mid to long term, we will also improve our margin management by introducing machine learning algorithms to control the, customizable to yield the highest additional margin possible for each operator.

SBC: How do you see your company and services developing in the coming months?

GT: Growing and thriving – our edge is also that we are niche partner. We will constantly focus on improving and advancing our products so our customers have continuously added value.

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified developers and mathematicians that solely focus on advancing the Jacktime BETCORE Product and delivering new innovations to be integrated into any sportsbook. Jacktime does not want to become distracted as a “busy” platform provider, but rather focus on its niche and constantly invest in improving its BETCORE engine and be your R&D partner.

SBC: What do you want delegates to learn about Jacktime services at the upcoming Betting on Sports conference?

GT: That Jacktime is a great software partner, can bring any operator or platform supplier to the next level, and shouldn’t be viewed as competition by in-house IT teams. Jacktime helps to generate more turnover and profit. Through an exclusive cooperation with one of the world’s and Europe’s leading application oriented research institute for IT system solutions and services, it will always be on top of the game.

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