Rene Wachter – Golden Race – #Bofcon 2016

Golden Race is living up to its name by committing to being a Gold Sponsor at this year’s Betting on Football Conference at Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC, on April 21st. 

Rene Wachter, Golden Race
Rene Wachter, Golden Race

Based in Malta and with two development and support centres in Spain, Golden Race is an innovative product supplier to sports betting operators with a particular expertise in virtual sports. One of its latest products, Real Fighting, is one such captivating example.

Did the MMA cage at ICE catch your eye? That was them.

We spoke to Rene Wachter, Head of Sales at Golden Race to discuss #bofcon, his Euro 2016 predictions and more.

SBC: What’s the most important thing for operators to get right ahead of Euro 2016, and what’s the most challenging aspect of major international competitions such as this?

Rene: As a virtual sports software provider there are no particular hurdles we have to deal with ahead of a major international competition like Euro 2016 – but of course we are expecting that our clients all over the world will see a great return with our virtual solution during the competition, as we offer live action 24/7. This means that the punters can enjoy virtual sports betting whilst they wait for the next game on the Euro agenda.

SBC: How important is the sport of football to your business?

Rene: Football is very important for Golden Race. Our different virtual football leagues have become the main products of our portfolio of virtual games, which is creating millions of tickets every single day all over the world. Our software enables us to set up every league in the world that our clients are asking for.  Football is bringing people together, and discussing the previous weekend’s games is akin to a ritual for a great many people all over the world. With our virtual solution they’ll have something to talk about 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

SBC: What does 2016 have in-store for you?

Rene: 2016 looks set to be a big, big year for Golden Race as we continue to attract new clients from all over the world with our great virtual solution.

At the moment a huge amount of companies on a global scale are looking for a partner for the virtual sports betting market, as they have all recognized that this is no longer a niche product – it´s a must have for any operators that want to attract new punters or keep the existing ones playing.

And why? That’s very simple – virtual sports means gambling action 24 hours a day, every single day without waiting for the next game to come up!

SBC: Why did you choose to become a sponsor of this year’s #bofcon?

Rene: As mentioned previously football is the highlight of our virtual sports betting portfolio.

As a company that is looking forward in this market there was no choice but to get involved at #bofcon as all major players will take part at this conference! The event is bringing together the right people at a great location in Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge and this is something that we really wanted to support as a sponsor!

SBC: Euro 2016 – who’s going to win, who’s going to shine and who’s going to slump?

Rene: In my opinion the champion this year will be either the hosts or the holders; France or Spain.

In the ‘very dangerous’ category will be also Belgium as they’re playing some great stuff at the moment. In my opinion the underdog that’ll surprise the football family worldwide will be Austria. I promise that this is not only because I´m from Austria! For Germany it will be a tough tournament because since their victory at the world championships in Brazil they seem to have lost their hunger for a trophies somewhat.

Rest assured, whoever wins this’ll be a great tournament!

Golden Race is a Gold Sponsor at the Betting on Football Conference at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge on April 21st. You can meet them and hundred more delegates by joining us on the day. 


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