ESL opens state of the art studio in Leicester

Esports organisation ESL has opened a glittering new UK studio in the city of Leicester. ESLStudio1

It is believed that ESL spent in the region of £800,000 on the facility called Studio 1 which features one of the largest LED video walls in the country at 10m by 3m.

The studio also includes a production room with space for up to 30 cameras running 4k.

There’s also capacity for around 100 spectators, player desks, analyst desks and a bar and seating area at the front of the stage. So far the studio has hosted a Guild Wars tournament and a Formula E Forza 6 event which is in collaboration with Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios.

ESL UK’s James Dean said: “Halo has been a huge success, with the recent finals pulling in over 100,000 concurrent viewers.

“The UK is the third largest market in Europe for gaming. This studio is all about fostering growing homegrown talent.”

This is a big move for the overall esports scene in the UK. Gfinity, a company that hosts online tournaments and LAN events at its arena in Fulham, saw its revenues triple in the latter part of 2015.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in UK esports.

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