SBC News Peter Gough - Fenway Games - Simplicity of concept and design

Peter Gough – Fenway Games – Simplicity of concept and design

Peter Gough ICEThe ‘Game to Watch’ competitions at ICE 2016 showcased the most innovative games recently developed and prepared for launch to the gaming market. SBC News were delighted to catch up with Peter Gough, after his company were crowned deserving winners of the established games category.

Peter, who is the Founder of Fenway Games, reflected on a week of industry validation in London, after SnapBet by Fenway Games beat Colossus Fracpot by Core Gaming, Virtual In-play Tennis by Leap Gaming and Satoshi’s Secret by Endorphina to win the coveted award.


SBC: Hi Peter. Congratulations on winning the Game to Watch for Established Games at ICE 2016. Can you explain how important this recognition is to Fenway Games?

PG: Considering the competition we were up against in this ‘Established Game To Watch’ category, I can say that to win as a true start up is vitally important to Fenway Games and our debut product, SnapBet. It is validation from industry renowned judges and a very knowledgeable audience that we are building a game with wide appeal. The award is a fantastic conversation starter!

SBC: It certainly is great recognition from the industry. Can you talk us through the concept and ideas behind SnapBet; and what do you think separated this game from the others competing for the ICE award?

PG: SnapBet is predicting what happens in the next 60 seconds of a live football match.

We are a social, free to play game to begin with, with a view to building a real money gaming product shortly. SnapBet is initially live for Football, but is easily rolled out across other sports such as Cricket, NFL, NBA, etc. SnapBet has a strong affiliate capability to mobile sport books.

The concept was generated from seeing fantasy football gaming move from annual competitions to month, and then weekend long games; this prompted me to look to see where this would end up if we wanted to build something truly innovative and we devised 60 second gaming.

I believe that we stood out from the competition due to simplicity of concept and design, and by being very current with a unique, mobile only, in-play product. It was only a short 3-5 minute pitch, but I think we got our USPs over really clearly!

SBC: You must have done! Upon winning the award you were keen to stress on Twitter that the hard work for Fenway Games is just starting; when can we expect to see SnapBet in the App store and what are your other plans and company goals for the rest of 2016?

PG: SnapBet will be in the App Store in the next few weeks to catch the exciting conclusion of the English Premier League season. For the rest of 2016, Fenway Games will then be building on top of this beta version, with an Android app planned as well as versions for other sports. We will also be looking to capitalise on initial conversations with B2B partners and investors to ensure we can scale out in line with our ambitious goals.

SBC: Fenway Games may be a relatively new company, but clearly you hold big ambitions for the future. What is the long term vision for establishing Fenway Games as a key player in the industry?

PG: The long term vision for Fenway Games is to provide mobile, sports games that are recognisable by their simplicity of design and ease of use, whilst tapping into real fan emotion around the live experience. Fenway Games will be a mobile only supplier.


Peter Gough, Founder of Fenway Games

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