SBC News J3STER.GG launches new feature with ‘more win potential’

J3STER.GG launches new feature with ‘more win potential’

J3STER.GG has announced the introduction of winning bets as the Minneapolis-based gaming technology start-up expands its gambling options.

The new feature allows users to gamble on whether a streamer will win a game or not, giving them more ways to engage with the platform and the influencer.

The group has detailed that the latest addition has ‘more win potential’ than previous options and J3STER.GG is currently testing the service with Twitch streaming collective ForbiddenGG.

Kevin Des Lauriers, CEO at J3STER.GG, commented: “Innovating on the user experience is everything. Releasing new bet types quickly is fundamental for scale and our exponential growth. 

“Additional advantages for streamers include increased viewer engagement and the ability to retain these viewers during the entire round.”

Building upon features popularised by the esports industry, whilst enhancing the experience of viewers of streamers on Twitch, J3STER.GG allows people to place bets on various gameplay outcomes. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Forbidden to trial this new feature and as we get ready for our full launch next month, we will not stop the rapid evolution,” Des Lauriers added.