SBC News WeAreGame: Delivering a full spectrum of sportsbook and igaming solutions

WeAreGame: Delivering a full spectrum of sportsbook and igaming solutions

SBC News WeAreGame: Delivering a full spectrum of sportsbook and igaming solutions
Tim Scoffham – WeAreGame

Tim Scoffham, CEO of the newly-launched WeAreGame brand, offers some insight into the creation of the company, its core values and expectations for emerging markets such as Brazil.

SBC: You recently announced the formation of the WeAreGame brand. Can you tell us more about the two organisations behind the launch, WeAreTechnology Group and BelloaTechnologies?

Tim Scoffham: WeAreTechnology Group provides premium igaming products, platforms, and management solutions, specialising in seamless market entry and expansion for operators in exciting emerging markets such as Brazil. 

BelloaTechnologies has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. Their state-of-the-art technology powers leading sports brands in Latin America, with a rapidly expanding client base in Brazil.

It’s easy to see the similarities in our ideals, work ethic, and drive. WeAreGame was the next step. It’s not just a name; it is a philosophy. We are game, and we are entertainment.

SBC: What unique strengths of both organisations make this such a successful collaboration?

TS: Our collaboration allows us to reach new partners and increase the growth of both organisations and that of our clients. WeAreTechnology Group offers a full spectrum of outstanding igaming solutions. We create and launch the finest integrated or standalone products for operators worldwide quickly and effortlessly. 

BelloaTechnologies is not just another tech company. It is a highly-driven workforce with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. Its custom-made technology offers exceptional sportsbook platform solutions, and its state-of-the-art offerings power some of the leading sports brands in the LatAm market.

Both teams focus on emerging markets, so the collaboration was the perfect fit, giving us all a solid foundation for the future.

SBC: What can the industry expect from WeAreGame regarding products and services going forward?

TS: Firstly, the creation of supercharged and responsive igaming solutions. The combined expertise of both organisations accelerates the development of premium content, enhanced services, and scalable solutions, setting a new benchmark for speed and innovation in the industry.

Additionally, WeAreGame introduces a dynamic igaming platform branded as WeAre Platform, which empowers numerous leading names in the industry, including the prestigious Brazilian operator Pixbet. The platform offers 99.95% uptime SLA which helps operators increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction while ensuring successful large-scale operations.

SBC: Tell us more about your igaming solutions and what you believe makes them stand out in the marketplace.

TS: Our turnkey solutions are comprehensive and fully scalable and have the flexibility to handle vast numbers of different languages and payment options. We provide global coverage and local expertise; we know how to get the best out of our markets. Our dedicated account managers ensure they look after all our clients with their best interests in mind. 

Whether clients choose a standalone or an integrated option, they will always receive the highest service standards from our team to meet every anticipated expectation. For both integrated and standalone, the uniqueness we provide for each solution is of the utmost importance to us all. Our creations are flexible and customisable, allowing clients to realise their dreams. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach.

SBC: In your launch press release, you talk about the LatAm business. What are your expectations for this marketplace, especially in Brazil, where legislation is yet to become a reality?

TS: Things are constantly changing in every global market, and Brazil is no exception. Compare the Brazilian market now to that of five years ago before fixed-odds sports betting was classed as a form of lottery. Around the world, there are very high hopes, including from Brazilian officials and emissaries, that the 2023 provisional measures will further strengthen the country’s stance in the iGaming and gambling world. 

The emphasis on the benefits to native Brazilians is vital to the market developing into a force to be reckoned with as more and more people realise the potential of the expected changes. We eagerly monitor the regulatory landscape and look forward to what the future holds for this burgeoning igaming business hub.

SBC: What’s next for WeAreGame in 2023 and beyond?

TS: With the combined expertise and resources of WeAreTechnology Group and BelloaTechnologies, the future looks bright. The positive snowball effect on both organisations is picking up steam, so expect to see more exciting announcements, platforms and services soon.


Tim Scoffham, CEO @ WeAreGame Group 

SBC News WeAreGame: Delivering a full spectrum of sportsbook and igaming solutions

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