Betting and online casino key drivers for Danish gambling sector

Danish gross gambling revenue remains steady according to the latest figures from the Spillemyndigheden, the country’/s national gambling regulator.

Cross-sector revenue covering betting, online casino, gaming machines and land-based casino rose 14% year-on-year from DKK 525m (€70.4m) in March 2022 to DKK 599m (€80.4m) in March 2023.

Sports betting registered the most impressive growth at 38% from DKK 155m (€20.8m) to DKK 214m (€28.7m), whilst online casino GGR also rose by 14% to DKK 226m (€30.3m), having stood at DKK 257m (€34.5m) the year prior.

The performance of gaming machines and land-based casinos was less impressive, however, with a decline of 6% from DKK 110m (€14.7m) to DKK 103m (€13.8m) reported for the former and a drop of 26% from DKK 34m (€4.5) to DKK 23m (€3m) for the latter. 

This pattern continued into April, with betting GGR rising 11% YoY from DKK 222m (€29.8m) to DKK 247m (€33.1m) and online casino growing 6.3% from DKK 242m (32€.4m) to DKK 257m.

Meanwhile, land-based casino revenue declined 8.9% from DKK 35m (€4.7m)to DKK 32m (€4.3m) and gaming machine GGR by 6.7% from DKK 110m to DKK 103m.

Total GGR for April 2023 was DKK 639m (€85.75m), a 4.8% increase on the condemning time period in 2022, where revenue stood at DKK 609m (€81.7m).

Lastly, the authority also provided an update on the number of bettors registered with the Danish self-exclusion programme, ROFUS, which by the close of April stood at 42,029, up from 40,000 at the end of March.

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