Danish betting steadily on the rise as Q4 cross-sector GGR reaches €236.5m

Denmark’s betting market continues to grow at a steady pace, according to the latest figures from the Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden.

For the full year, Danish GGR reached DKK 6.7bn (€902.6m), an increase of 8% on the previous year’s figures of DKK 6.2bn (€836.1m), demonstrating continued growth in the aftermath of COVID-19.

On a quarterly basis improvements continued to be made, with Q4 GGR standing at DKK 1.76bn (€236.5m), up 4% from DKK 1.68bn (€226.3m) in the final three months of 2021.

Overall, sports betting and online casino were the biggest success stories in Denmark this year, recording respective increases of 4.8% and 6% each to reach final quarter GGR of DKK 607m (€81.4m) and DKK 770m (€103.3m) respectively.

For the full year, betting and online casino proved to be the main growth drivers behind Danish market success, registering total revenues of DKK 2.9bn (€389.3m) and DKK 2.3bn (€308.8m).

On the other hand, revenue from land-based casinos and gaming machines took a hit during 2022, as both sectors’ recovery from strict Danish COVID-19 conditions the year prior continues.

Full year GGR for land-based casinos was recorded at DKK 349m (€46.8m), whilst quarterly income fell by 9% from DKK 98m (€13.1m) in Q3 2022 to DKK 89m (€11.9m) in Q4.

Lastly, gaming machine GGR was DKK 295m (€39.6m) in Q4, a decrease of 1% on the previous quarter’s DKK 298m (€40m), with total year end revenue standing at DKK 1.15bn (€154.4m).

Spillemyndigheden did assert that when making yearly comparisons, stakeholders should take note of the fact that the latter sectors faced closures in 2021.

The authority explained: “For the sectors gaming machines and land-based casinos it should be noted that gambling arcades and land-based casinos were closed for a short part of Q4 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, which did not affect Q4 2022. 

“The total GGR in 2022 for betting online casino, gaming machines and land-based casinos amounted to DKK 6.7bn. It is a year-on-year increase of 8%.

“It should be noted that restrictions related to COVID-19 affected the gambling market for a longer period in 2021 than in 2022.”

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