SBC News Leonardo Alonso, AstroPay: a global approach to affiliation

Leonardo Alonso, AstroPay: a global approach to affiliation

SBC News Leonardo Alonso, AstroPay: a global approach to affiliationIn the last few years, AstroPay has established itself as a truly global company, with a presence in multiple continents. Setting its sights on further global expansion, the payments provider recently launched its new Global Affiliate Programme.

Leonardo Alonso (right), Head of Affiliates, discusses the company’s foray into affiliation and the way this new programme will help fuel further growth.

For those that might not know, can you tell us about the recently launched Global Affiliate Programme? What is this?

Our global Affiliate Programme aims to provide revenue generating opportunities to individuals and businesses that want to trigger online income and grow their business. We launched it to give affiliate partners an additional revenue stream for every new user that they refer to AstroPay

The programme offers up to 20% revenue share commission, as well as dedicated teams and expertise on sales conversion. We will welcome a diverse range of partners including platforms, comparison sites, tipsters and content creators in the payment industry as well iGaming, forex trading, and many others.

Why was now the right time to launch this?

In the last three years AstroPay has started a path of growth becoming a user community with presence in four continents. The company evolved from a prepaid voucher to an ewallet continuously growing its user base. 

Today we offer our community of millions of users across the globe a pool of features that not only include payments and withdrawals, but also the possibility to have a virtual VISA debit card, and send and receive money. An affiliate network will help us to fuel our growth further and faster and to reach even more users.

What does AstroPay hope to achieve with the Global Affiliate Programme?

The new programme is aimed at increasing AstroPay’s consumer base worldwide, while ensuring that those who are professionally dedicated to affiliate marketing can rely on a solid partner to thrive. 

Our programme is designed to offer flexibility and agility for affiliate partners, regardless of which vertical sector they come from, and is compatible with any other programmes they may have already signed up to. The onboarding process is simple. Affiliate partners can sign up on AstroPay website in the affiliate section or contact via email to [email protected].

Is this new programme targeted towards any particular markets?  If so, why have you chosen these particular regions?

This programme is offered globally, in every country where AstroPay operates. We are available in four continents: Latam, Europe, Asia and Africa.

How important will local, boots-on-the-ground knowledge be in expanding the reach of the Global Affiliate Programme?

Being local is something we have experience on as we are present in so many different countries. This allows us to ensure that local knowledge is paramount when it comes to growing a project/business. We expect to reach the most relevant marketing affiliates in each market who will also benefit from the AstroPay payment solution that has been tested and optimised for cross-border payments.

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