SBC News German DAW wants 2021 reforms to deliver harmony on Slot Machine governance

German DAW wants 2021 reforms to deliver harmony on Slot Machine governance

Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft (DAW), Germany’s ‘umbrella association’ for gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers has published a set of key criteria which it believes must be addressed by inbound ‘2021 State Treaty on Gambling’ laws reforming the nation’s federal gambling frameworks.

Representing gaming machine stakeholders, DAW urges Bundestag deputies to develop a coherent and purely quality-orientated regulatory agenda, which strengthens the position of Germany’s legal actors.

To date, German gaming machine manufacturers have been underserved by fractured regulatory provisions established under four separate federal frameworks – ‘Trade Regulation Act’ (Gewerbeordnung), ‘German Gaming Ordinance (Spielverordnung)’, ‘The Interstate Treaty’ and the ‘Gaming Transposition Act’ related to the governance of amusement arcades.

“The amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling is a great opportunity to counteract the undesirable developments – above all the rapid growth of the black market – with a holistic approach,”  explains DAW Chief Executive Georg Stecker

“Only a coherent regulation of all forms of gaming, including the use of commercial slot machines based solely on quality standards, and a strengthening of legal providers can curb the black market and effectively protect consumers.

2020 is set to be a crucial year for German gambling, as federal lawmakers move to establish a governing mandate for the new ‘State Treaty on Gambling’, revamping the nation’s gambling framework for June 2021.

Representing, the interest of diverse slot machine stakeholders operating across Germany’s gambling and leisure industries, DAW governance underlines ‘five key criteria’ which it believes will strengthen regulatory codes, whilst improving all-round responsibility standards.

The DAW recommends:-

  • The harmonization of regulatory codes governing gaming machine content and manufacturing requirements
  • The introduction of a comprehensive ‘biometric-led’ national self-exclusion programme
  • The independent certification of German gambling halls
  • Further accreditation of professionals working in German gaming machine manufacturing
  • The bolstering of youth and consumer protection provisions through cooperation with relevant actors

Stecker warns :”Anyone who does not play a role in regulating the regulation of gaming slots out half of the legal gambling market incoherent regulation and further aggravates market imbalances. It can not be that online gambling is legalized, which are available everywhere, and at the same time the distance rules remain in the commercial slot game”.