Bet Advisor Form Table – Davide Palombi hits new heights!


Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager reviews’s tipsters form and betting highlights: Week 4

Davide Palombi – Tipster of the Week

The tipster of the week goes to Davide Palombi, who had to fight off several tipsters who had a great week with us here at Bet Advisor. With odds on the high side for a typical sports bettor, he managed a 41% yield last week despite winning only 6 of 14 bets. This highlights the importance of finding value in the markets, and also a strong staking plan. A couple of his more notable winners include backing Auxerre away at Tours (priced at 3.48), Frankfurt to win at Aalen (priced at 3.47) and Hannover to win in Berlin (3.80). Winners like this are no fluke with Davide, who now has a yield of over 19% over almost 140 tips. Surely one to watch for the future as his career grows with us at Bet Advisor. Certainly adds come variety to any betting portfolio.

Vladan Glavas – New solid performer

New tipster Vladan has started well since being on trial with Bet Advisor. He started at the end of October, so November will be his first full month, and it’s started well, with 268 units of profit and an 11% yield from 29 picks so far. This is very much in line with his previous record, and something we expect him to emulate on a consistent basis (it’s why we’ve promoted him!). He’s won 55% of his 310 tips we have proofed, and boasts a 13.80% yield. It’s early in his Bet Advisor career, but we have VERY high hopes for him, so he’s certainly one worth keeping your eye on.

Federico Parini – New NBA Kid on the Block

Another new tipster we want to introduce is Federico Parini. Another trialist who has now gone through enough testing to convince us he is a great addition to the Bet Advisor team. An yield of more than 13.5% over the last 6+ months (271 tips) shows that he knows his stuff in the basketball world. Obviously the majority of his picks come from the biggest basketball competition in the world, the NBA, which is now back in full swing. A 15% yield from the NBA is a truly excellent return, and it looks set to continue.

Darijo Belic – Man On Fire

Darijo, who boasts an overall Return on Investment of more than 20%, has had a great week, winning all 6 of his tips! Proving he is not a flash in the pan, November looks sure to continue his impressive run of profitable months. Many people seem determined to focus on one area or league, but Darijo has proven himself in multiple leagues, from multiple countries, in multiple continents. Brazil is already looking like one of his strongest nations, with internationals proving to be his strongest area. His odds average a shade over 1.90, but it is actually his outsider bets that are most successful, with him boasting a 60%+ ROI on bets priced between 2.10 and 3.00. Worth tracking, worth following, worth adding to your portfolio.

Bet Advisor – Form Table -Week 4

Last 7 Days Last 6 months
Rank Tipster Profit Yield Tips Win % Profitable Months
1 Davide Palombi 455.9 41.45% 14 42.86% 2/2
2 Darijo Belic 352.4 92.74% 6 100.00% 6/6
3 John Fisher 335 40.85% 9 55.56% 5/6
4 Paul Morris 272 31.26% 10 60.00% 3/3
5 Guillaume Trudeau 240.65 27.98% 10 70.00%


6 Vladan Glavas 188.8 11.11% 22 50.00% 4/5
7 Federico Parini 145.5 11.64% 19 57.89% 5/5
8 Kristian Nordquist 137 12.45% 11 54.55% 2/4
9 Andreas Kloft 115 30.26% 5 60.00% 5/6
10 Florin Groza NFL 81.91 19.50% 7 57.14% 2/3


Stefano Saccani Bet Advisor Affiliate & Business Development Manager