SBC News makes first foray into Russia with BetBoom deal makes first foray into Russia with BetBoom deal has agreed to supply its esports betting solution to BetBoom after the Russian bookmaker laid out plans to capitalise on the “growing interest in esports in its home country”.

The agreement marks’s first partnership with an operator in Russia, with the solutions provider underlining its plans for further international expansion.

“BetBoom is already one of the most successful bookmakers in Russia with significant plans for further growth,” commented Marek Suchar, Managing Director at

“We believe their success comes partly from listening to their users and giving them what they are looking for. Esports in Russia has been booming for a couple of years, therefore it is only logical that BetBoom wanted to move fast, improving its solution to satisfy users’ high demands.

“Our solution will provide bettors with an engaging betting experience, leading to increased betting volume and, eventually, GGR. We are excited to launch our first partnership in Russia, and we couldn’t have found a better partner in this regard than BetBoom.”

With this partnership, BetBoom believes that it “will be poised to lead the esports scene in Russia”, especially at a time when the vertical is continuing to grow in popularity.

Petr Kipa, CMO of BetBoom, added: “We are fully aware of the esports potential in Russia. We have the ambitious plan to become the leader on the local market in esports, but to do so, we need the best product available. This is why we’re extremely happy to partner with Its solution will allow us to offer the best product in the market.

“’s technology has no equal in the industry; betting lines are available almost all the time, and there are myriad live markets with extensive coverage. We can’t wait to launch the product and lead the fast-growing esports market in Russia, improving our current profitability and attracting massive esports audiences to our sportsbook.”

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