Simon Westbury, VSoftCo

VsoftCo teams up with football comic to create VStriker

VSoftCo, a software development company in the global virtual sports market, has teamed up with football comic Striker to create VStriker, the world’s first branded virtual soccer game.

Westbury, VStrikerVStriker Ltd will be a joint venture for Striker creator Pete Nash and VSoftCo, who will produce 3D-animated versions of an online betting game and a social game based on a new concept called Striker World Soccer League.

Both game versions will integrate with the serialised Striker story-lines in The Sun, and Striker’s Planet Striker YouTube channel, which shows daily motion comic video versions of the newspaper strip. A weekly Striker comic is due to launch next year, and it is envisaged that each country with a participating team will eventually run their own story-lines.

The games will be powered by real-time football animation technology created by VSoftCo. Brand new motion capture technology, sourced from professional footballers at Sheffield United, will make Striker World Soccer League one of the most lifelike virtual games on the market.

Striker World Soccer League will herald a new era of the 31-year-old Striker comic, which first appeared in 1985 and is now followed by 1.8 million readers. The episodes will follow the creation of a world club football league, comprising fictitious teams from real cities around the world.

Simon Westbury, Managing Director at VSoftCo, said: “This joint venture is a hugely exciting opportunity to extend the audience and geographical reach of our gaming software products, and to help develop Striker into a global brand.”

Pete Nash, Striker Creator, said: “I’m delighted to be launching this new venture with VSoftCo. Striker is already produced with 3D software, but VSoftCo’s expertise in animation and gaming will help to make Striker even more realistic, while Striker in turn will inject drama and fun into virtual gaming. Striker fans will be able to interact and engage with the brand through a series of unique initiatives.”

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