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David Webb

SBC’s Andy McCarron speaks to BetConstruct Retail Solutions Consultant David Webb on the launch of BetConstruct’s new retail betting inventory. David Webb details to SBC retail betting system management to engage new consumer expectations.


SBC: BetConstruct has got some big launches at ICE this year. What have you got lined up for the betting shop?

DW: We have been developing our existing EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) system bringing extra functionality that will be very familiar to UK operators. Our system historically works using “call over” bet processing which works extremely well for our existing customer base. At ICE 2015, we will be demonstrating the systems new “slip capture” functionality together with a new back office system powered by our new Spring platform. Mark sense bet processing providing operators with the ability to produce their own wide range of betting coupons will follow shortly. In addition, operators will have the opportunity to try out our new Self Service Sports Betting Terminal software on a variety hardware options.

SBC: What drives the betting terminals?

DW: Our Betting Terminal content is driven by our sportsbook solution, which has been and remains our core competency. With over 50 sport types and now over 20,000 in -play events per month, the operator has a multitude of betting opportunities to offer his/her clientele. We have also added and will further develop the horse racing product, which is of course very important for UK operators.

SBC: Where are the stats and odds sourced?

DW: Our statistics are compiled in-house and contain an extensive range of historical data including Head-to-head, Form tables, Ratings, Player/Individual statistics, Transfer history, Injury and suspension list, Disciplinary list, etc. We provide all the betting odds for the terminals ourselves, with automated trading of ten different sports and individual traders assigned to cover in-play games/matches.

SBC: Can bookmakers choose a third party supplier if they wish?

DW: We believe that we have a fully comprehensive offering and that there would be no need for any other suppliers. Having said that, we would not rule it out completely. We are a flexible technology company and we never rule anything out completely!
Does that mean it can fit neatly into the other LBO systems and back office?

Of course we would explore the possibility of integration with our potential partners existing EPoS systems. However, one of the many benefits of taking both our EPoS and Betting Terminals is that they link into the same back office. This means that there is no need for the operator to enter figures for the Betting Terminals into their EPoS system, reducing the possibility of human error.

SBC: In-play terminals have really taken off in the UK and are doing well in other European markets. Is the BetConstruct terminal compatible?

DW: We recognise that there needs to be a degree of flexibility in terms of payment options from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, whether it be due to regulatory requirements or operator preference. We are therefore developing our software to be compatible with a number of methods, be it cash, TITO (Ticket in Ticket Out), pre-pay card, etc. We also acknowledge that hardware designs and costs vary greatly and are integrating the software with a number of hardware sources, giving the operator greater variety for cabinet design and cost.
There is still a drive for differentiation in many markets. How can bookmakers customise the betting terminals to make it fit in with their branding?

Our new back end will provide operators with complete control over the content of their terminals. They will be able to add or delete betting opportunities themselves at any level from sport, region, league or competition, matches or games right through to individual. They will also have the ability to control the settings for margin, stake and liability within each of those levels. The UI itself will also be customisable to reflect individual branding and the top screen will have the ability to display content of the operator’s choice including marketing, statistics, results, in-play animations and current betting odds.

SBC: What’s so good about it from the player’s point of view?

DW: Obviously, the player will benefit from the enormous variety of our in-play offering, currently standing at an average of over 20,000 events per month and growing. In addition, as the operator will have full control of the content, their customers will have a bespoke offering tailored to suit them, not an off the peg one size fits all menu. We will also be launching an integrated customer loyalty card, which will be compatible with both the Betting Terminals and the EPoS system. Through this, operators will be able to engage their customers with increased CRM capability and cross selling of their online product.


David Webb –  Retail Solutions Consultant – BetConstruct


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