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Oskar Mühlbach – Garbo – Taking a niche product into a crowded industry

Garbo - Copyright: lucadp / 123RF Stock Photo

Mr Green chief venture officer (CVO) Oskar Mühlbach has been tasked with relaunching Garbo.com, the company’s female player focused online casino brand. We caught up with Mühlbach to discuss his plans for the Swedish target market, providing a customer-centric experience and standing out within a crowded industry. SBC: With the relaunch of this product, what have you done differently and …

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Ladies First…Mr Green relaunches Garbo.com

Nordic Nasdaq-listed European online gambling group Mr Green & Co (Mr Green) has announced the relaunch of its female player focused online casino brand Garbo – Garbo.com. Named after iconic Swedish-American film actress Greta Garbo, Garbo.com formed part of Mr Green acquisitions undertaken in 2014. However, the female-focused brand was put on hold as Mr Green management expanded its flagship properties. …

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