SBC News Edmond Ghulyan promoted at Digitain to reach ‘ever-changing’ demands

Edmond Ghulyan promoted at Digitain to reach ‘ever-changing’ demands

Digitain has revealed that Edmond Ghulyan has been named as its new Group Chief Strategy Officer and Chief of Centrivo Product Solutions. 

Now assuming a broader role in the Senior Management team, Ghulyan is stepping up from his previous position of Chief Customer Care Officer and Chief of Centrivo Platform. 

Vardges Vardanyan, Founder of the Digitain Group, commented: “Edmond has been a key part of our senior management and leadership team for nearly six years. 

“He has led from the front and is a shining example to his team in delivering exacting technical solutions for our current and future partners.  

“Our business has experienced rapid growth in multiple markets throughout 2023, and with Edmond onboard to manage our Centrivo Product Solutions and to lead Digitain Group’s Strategy, we are confident that 2024 shall continue our growth expansion.” 

SBC News Edmond Ghulyan promoted at Digitain to reach ‘ever-changing’ demands
Edmond Ghulyan

With almost six years now at the platform provider, in his new role, Edmond will lead both the strategic development of the GLI-certified igaming platform with the whole suite of Centrivo products and Digitain’s strategy at a group level. 

Meanwhile, Ghulyan expressed his excitement to assume the new and ‘more comprehensive’ role of leading Digitain Group towards its strategic goals, as well as building upon the foundations of the Centrivo product solutions for the group’s existing and potential partners.

He emphasised that he looks to meet the ‘ever-changing demands’ of Digitain’s businesses today and for the future.

 “As a business and team, we are well placed to continue to deliver robust, scalable, and highly compliant technology and product solutions for any market and ensure that our partners can focus on building a competitive, unique and highly-automated brand across multiple channels and markets,” Ghulyan continued. 

“With the company’s rapid expansion and ambitious plans for the future, I would like to especially thank Mr Vardanyan for the incredible support during the past six years and for the new opportunity to lead Digitain Group’s Strategy.” 

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