SBC News Betby outlines plans for international growth

Betby outlines plans for international growth

Sportsbook supplier Betby has outlined plans for international growth, after revealing plans to expand into a number of new betting and gaming markets. 

The supplier, which launched its Casino-x and Joy Casino brands earlier this year, hopes to deliver a wide range of both promotional and marketing features to operators considering entering the sports betting sector. 

BETBY’s CCO Chris Nikolopoulos believes the unique proposition is now ready for a wider audience among operators looking to get into sports betting, or those who are frustrated by the limitations of their current solution.

He said: “BETBY is a sports betting provider that is not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. As simple as it sounds, I think that makes all the difference.

“We decided to invest in a sports book software because we saw a gap in the market both from a product and services perspective and were confident we could fill it. Our day-to-day growth shows that so far we are doing that the right way.”

Nikolopoulos explained that Betby plans to offer a ‘complete’ business relationship to allow the supplier to stand out from its competition, as part of its fully managed sportsbook solution. 

He added: “We are not only offering a product, but a complete business relationship. Most sportsbook suppliers are too slow to adapt to changes or too narrow-minded to see beyond their own short-term profit. 

“I’d like to think we can offer something different, putting our partners first and listening to what they and their customers need. We are a B2B provider that likes to think as an operator. 

“I think we all agree that the only way for long term co-operation is to establish a fair and mutually beneficial partnership that is based on the right business ethics. This is the one and only approach we have.”

Nikolopoulos continued: “Our software has been developed in-house from scratch and is flexible enough to be able to deliver tasks quickly and efficiently.

“In today’s market there is no “one fits all” solution, and we focus on being able to deliver customisation based on an operator’s needs. For instance, we have developed several UI layouts which can cover different segments of players, no matter if they are coming from a traditional sportsbook, or a more modern, casino-related background. 

“At the same time, we are harnessing machine learning software, which is used to predict and detect customer behaviour, whilst also facilitating automated personalisation techniques, both in terms of sports book content and betting options.”

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