SBC News UKGC committed to measure evaluation of Gambling Review proposals

UKGC committed to measure evaluation of Gambling Review proposals

David Taylor, Head of Evidence Assurance and Evaluation at the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has outlined an “proportionate approach” to evaluating the potential measures of the Gambling Act Review and their effectiveness.

Taylor noted that the UKGC’s involvement in the changes to gambling regulation in the UK does not end once the changes have been implemented, as alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, they will need to monitor and evaluate the measures carefully.

Highlighting proposed changes to UK gambling such as when and how companies interact with customers as well as product content rules in land-based and remote gaming, the UKGC’s evidence head stated that it must be evaluated if the measures are producing the desired effect.

Taylor said: “We need to establish if they are being delivered effectively, understand if they are achieving their intended outcomes and impacts, identify any unintended consequences, and capture learning to inform the implementation of future policy changes. The evaluation process is important, and planning for the evaluations is already well underway.”

With this in mind, Taylor emphasised the importance of a proportionate approach to make sure that not only the rule changes deliver the right outcomes, but also how they work as part of the wider picture.

“Evaluating a package of potential measures like this will not be easy, which is why we must take a proportionate approach,” he stated.

“The outcomes and impacts of some measures which are taken forward will need to be evaluated individually to explore whether each delivers the expected changes both for consumers and industry – but they should also be evaluated as a package to understand the overall effectiveness of the review, consultation processes and implementation of the measures decided on following consultation.”

To assist with this evaluation process, the UKGC and DCMS have procured NatCen to help design a framework outlining options for process and impact evaluations, practical recommendations for implementing evaluations, and data required to monitor and evaluate outcomes and impacts.

Taylor noted: “Drawing on NatCen’s evaluation expertise will be vital in identifying the most appropriate approach. It is possible that this could include identifying opportunities for conducting evaluation trials once final policy positions and implementation dates are decided upon following the consultation process.”

The comments come as the consultation process on the proposed changes related to financial penalties and financial key event reporting closed earlier this month on March 15.

The UKGC will provide further details on its evaluation approach through policy consultations, consultation response documents and other updates.

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