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Golden Race debuts “faster, simpler and safer” retail solutions

Virtual betting provider Golden Race has launched a set of “faster, simpler and safer” solutions for land-based betting operators, including Mobiprint 3+ and Golden Box V2, as well as a quartet of new self service betting terminals (SSBTs).

Mobiprint 3+ is an advanced ticket printer that produces customised tickets both for bets over the counter and for those placed without going to the cashier.

The white label product comes with a 3.5” touchscreen, contactless data reading and an in-built camera for barcode reading.

Meanwhile, there has been a significant upgrade to the Golden Box, available for the 40,000 shops running with Golden Race software. The all-in-one solution is capable of showing up to 12 virtual games simultaneously across three different screens.

Finally, the new terminals (GRT V1 S, GRT TAB, GRT V4 and GRT V5) – all pre-loaded with the entire Golden Race suite of virtual games including independent and connected jackpots – now have a much simpler and more intuitive cashier interface.

Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter said: “For over twelve years, Golden Race has focused on developing and offering a complete set of faster, simpler and safer betting solutions for retail stores worldwide.

“From start-ups to large scale rapid roll-outs, the company’s main goal is still to remain at the forefront of the industry by delivering the most complete, reliable, and cost-effective services for land-based operators.

“The most attractive features are the lightness and simplicity of the whole set up, the use of live rendering technologies, the possibility of in-game betting on demand, and the complete control of scheduling, branding, margins and odds.”

Wachter also said that Golden Race is expanding its network to provide this set of solutions to operators across new markets in the US, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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