New retail landscape puts DAREBS into the Betting on Sports spotlight

The Dynamically Animated Real Event Betting System (DAREBS) from Inbet Games was thrust into the spotlight at Betting on Sports for its potential to provide bookmakers with the “same profit-making capacity” after the £2 FOBT ruling comes into force.

DAREBS is well-placed to replicate the entertainment and revenues provided by the FOBT, while sparing bookmakers with a licensing headache over the much-maligned B2 machines, which are set to see maximum stakes slashed from £100 to £2 ‘sometime’ in 2019.

While FOBTs are categorised as gaming machines and operate off RNG, stakes would not be cut back in the same way on DAREBS because it allows players to make bets on real time events, in this case airplane positioning in real time. This sort of wager falls into the category of betting on live events.

Howard Chisholm, MD of Chisholm Bookmakers, referenced the DAREBS appeal during one of the most popular ‘Betting on Retail’ track sessions at last month’s Betting on Sports conference – ‘New Reality: Adapting to the post-FOBT landscape’.

He commented: “There’s a company out there (on the expo floor) who are doing this gamification of real-life events called Inbet Games. Their stand is interesting, because they have got a roulette product, but it is based on the tracker signals from an aircraft.

“It has not got an RNG behind it, so when you put that on a machine in the current regulations, it is an SSBT – it is not a gaming machine.”

Pavel Korolev, Business Development manager for Inbet Games, said: “In the UK’s post-FOBT retail landscape, while bookmakers are preparing for the very probable reduction of FOBT maximum stakes, Inbet’s DAREBS has emerged as a well-timed option for bookmakers to switch to.”

He concluded: “By implementing DAREBS, a bookmaker can retain the same profit-making capacity as with FOBTs pre-£2 ruling, while the entertainment experience for its players will be more engaging and exciting than ever before.”

The interest around DAREBS as a product was also highlighted earlier this month, as Inbet Games made the shortlist for Best Retail Betting Product at the SBC Awards 2018.

A winner of the Best Sports Themed Game at last year’s ceremony, the company has also been shortlisted for White Label Supplier of the Year, Best Virtual Sports Product and Best Multi-Channel Supplier.

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