Silver gains sports betting support from NBA owners

Jeanie Buss

Having stated his support for opening US sports betting markets and allowing betting wagers on professional sports, NBA Chief Commissioner Adam Silver appears to have gained support on the subject matter from several NBA franchise governance and owners.

In a recent interview with online sports portal Bleacher Report Radio, La Lakers President Jeanie Buss stated approval for Adam Silvers pro-stance on sports betting. Buss the daughter of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss, stated that she supported legalised sports betting and that it could add further engagement with fans for the NBA.

“I look at it as fan engagement. … This gives them another way to connect with their…team.”

Buss’ comments follows Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban’s remarks supporting Adam Silver sports betting agenda. Speaking to ESPN News, the outspoken Cuban stated that the current context of sports betting on US pro-sports was ‘hypocritical’

“I agree 100% with Adam Silver” “I think we’re the world’s biggest hypocrites when we say, ‘Oh, we don’t want you betting on our games,’ and then we get all excited about the sports betting line and people go to Vegas on trips won from the NBA or NFL. I mean, it’s hugely hypocritical.

Cuban further predicted that legalised sports betting on US pro-sports could happen between “three to five years”.

The subject matter of Legalised US sports betting is suffering another laboured year in terms of progress. Commissioner stated at the start of 2015 that he would look to persuade other US pro-leagues governance and owners to look open discussions on legalised sports betting.

At present the NBA has been the US sports most supportive league of legalised sports betting. MLB (baseball) commissioner Rob Manfred stated that the MLB would open to discussions on the matter. NFL (American Football) and NHL (ice hockey) have kept quiet on the matter.

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