Vermantia debuts Virtual Football League
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Vermantia debuts Virtual Football League

Vermantia has enhanced its igaming product portfolio with the addition of a new plug n’ play standalone virtual sports solution, Virtual Football League.

The new game, which will be made available across online and mobile channels, features a range of casino-style and customisation features which Vermantia noted had been designed to ‘meet the needs and expectations of today’s online players’.

Spyros Stavropoulos, Commercial Director at Vermantia, commented: “Our society has changed into a fast-paced race where everything is done on the move, and betting has followed suit for a few years now. 

“Players are heading towards betting on the go, and this is why we developed our HD Virtual Football League with a mobile-optimised approach blended with casino-style, fast-paced features.”

Players will gain access to casino-style modules, including two-minute rounds and a ‘skip’ option which generates ‘instant results’ – features which the omni-channel content solutions provider explained will elevate the player experience.

By integrating the standalone solution, operators will be able to offer the new game to players  as well as take advantage of ‘numerous customisation options comprising branding elements, customisable daily schedules, as well as UI in multiple languages’.

“Our new hybrid game is the perfect mix that gives a flavour of the classic Virtual Football League to the more traditional sports betting players but also the thrill of a mobile-first, fast betting experience that the modern players’ crave for,” Stavropoulos concluded.

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