Bridging the gap… Beehive launches ‘Pulse’ business intelligence tool

Adi Dagan, Beehive

Updating the market, customer retention and analysis software supplier Beehive has announced the launch of its new ‘industry-tailored’ business intelligence tool ‘Pulse’.

Beehive’s Pulse tools intend to bridge reporting between multiple industry business tools used by operators, with the aim of creating better product and customer engagement insights for strategic decision making.

The Pulse product will allow for better ‘drilldown’ on all aspect of a betting/igaming firm’s operational value chain: product, payments, conversion, retention and marketing interaction.

Adi Dagan Founder & CEO of Beehive was pleased to bring Pulse to market, following years of extensive development. Dagan details that the software will bring ‘more control’ to the hands of partner operators.

“Our partners live and breathe data, so they need intuitive and powerful tools that allow them to leverage this data to boost their bottom line.”

“Beehive was founded to serve actionable and clear data to operators and bring order to big data’s chaos. Launching Pulse is the latest step on this journey and strengthens our unique product offering.

“We have always believed in simple, intuitive and intelligent products, and Pulse is just that. We have spent years learning what KPIs drive operators on their day-to-day, and Pulse is the result of that knowledge.”

Specialising in optimising industry customer retention functions and capabilities, Beehive has formed a number of supplier CRM partnerships with Ladbrokes, Stanleybet and BaumBet Romania.  

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