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6 of the Best – The Isle of Man Government’s Tony Jones

This week’s edition of ‘6 of the Best’ comes from the Isle of Man’s eGaming Higher Executive Officer and long-suffering Ayr United fan Tony Jones.

Read on to find out about historic derby victories for The Honest Men, being mugged in Bolivia and ‘messed up’ Rob Zombie flicks.

Best Holiday

In 2011 and 2012 I was fortunate to go on an 18 month backpacking tour around Central and South America, Australasia, and overland from Beijing to Goa taking in many wonderful locations and experiences! Every day was an adventure, mostly good (but some bad like being robbed in Bolivia) and in the whole they were unforgettable times in amazing places!

Best Book

Anything by Iain M. Banks. His sci-fi novels are space opera at its finest. Surface Detail is probably my current favourite, the themes in it are fascinating, and for Banks fans the last line of the novel provides a wonderful surprise.  

Best Album

I love many types of music from genres such as rock, punk, blues, jazz, reggae, techno and drum & bass. I struggle to find enjoyment in opera and commercial pop. Techno is my favourite genre musically, some of the techno producers around are absolute masters of audio soundscaping, but if I could only have one album to listen to it would have to be Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage, an album that has brilliant music composition and a real funny storyline.

Best Sporting Experience

Being an Ayr United and Scotland supporter I don’t have much to brag about! Any time we beat our derby team Kilmarnock fills me with joy, we drew them in cup matches four times between 1996 and 2001 and beat them each time, even though we were the lower league team. Beating them 3-0 when they were the cup holders was great. Looking back to when I was 7 yrs old (!) seeing Maradona score his first goal for Argentina was a special moment; unfortunately it was against Scotland at Hampden (1979).  

Best Film

House of 1000 Corpses, directed by Rob Zombie. A great film with great characters, although beware, it is pretty messed up! Same goes for the sequel The Devil’s Rejects.

Best Bet

Buying Ripple’s XRP at less than a cent each in 2014!

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