Erik Nyman: Establishing EveryMatrix as a major US player

When establishing a US footprint, European companies must ensure that they localize their content for each individual state according to Erik Nyman, President of Americas at igaming software provider EveryMatrix.

Speaking at the recent SBC Summit North America, Nyman expressed his belief that there will still be many surprises ahead for the US market as we begin to see more players seek to gain a strong foothold. 

He said: “With the US market, the thing is that it will change and it will continue to surprise us. I came here in 2015 as part of our long term plan to establish ourselves as a European player in the US market. 

“Back then, there was a lot of focus on New Jersey. But now, we’re seeing multiple states open up, and the awareness of gambling and sports betting is greater than we’ve ever seen before. 

“My crystal ball is no better than anyone else’s, but I think we will see other players moving into the betting and gaming space. For a company like EveryMatrix who decided to expand into the US last year, we’re finding ourselves in a sweet spot with a large offering of various products. But I do still think that there will be some surprises going forward.”

Operating in both the US market as well as across Europe, Nyman explained that EveryMatrix has spotted a few differences when it comes to player preferences – one of which is the prevalence of, and receptiveness to, branded content. 

“A successful game in Europe will most likely be successful in the US as well,” Nyman continued. “But what I have identified over the years is that branded games tend to be more successful in the US market. Players become more familiar with that kind of content, especially those who are new to the world of gambling. 

“I also think that looking into localised jackpot content, for example a jackpot which is tailored to the nine million people in New Jersey, is also very very important. This content should then differ to the content which is available in other states. There is a lot of data to analyse to see what best fits your product. That’s not just applicable to casino, but for sports betting too.”

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