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Erik Nyman, EveryMatrix: Talent drive and strategic Miami base behind US market plans

As a “trendy metropolitan city” that fosters creativity, Miami is the perfect new base for EveryMatrix, as the igaming software provider sets about becoming the largest turnkey provider for both the US and markets across Latin America.

We spoke to Erik Nyman, appointed last summer as President Americas at EveryMatrix, about the need to get “boots on the ground” in the US, and closing the disconnect on key product needs that exists between platform providers and operators. 

He also shone a light on how EveryMatrix is attracting top talent to join the team in Miami, including those to work on its own casino games studio – with EveryMatrix the first of European heritage to make such an investment.

SBC: We’ve recently passed the three-year mark since PASPA was repealed; why is now the time for EveryMatrix to set up shop in the US?

EN: From observing and being active in the US market for about 10 years, I’ve learned that a successful operation requires product fit and a good understanding of the specific needs of US operators and the complex regulatory frameworks on a state-by-state basis. 

To get a thorough understanding of the market, it takes boots on the ground and multiple conversations with key stakeholders. Map that to your product and close the gap.

There is a lot of frustration in the market around platforms, and I think this is because of operators’ desire to own their technology; this is basically a disconnect from customer needs on product, agility, and overall capability in operation.

During the past decade of servicing operators in Europe, the organisation has made important strides in terms of product development. For me, there is no doubt that we now can offer the most comprehensive and best suited product the US market really deserves. 

SBC News Erik Nyman, EveryMatrix: Talent drive and strategic Miami base behind US market plansEveryMatrix has long-standing partnerships with market leaders in Norway, Greece, Germany, and this is a direct result of our flexibility and our commitment to provide the best-in-class software.

Some may have doubted the US potential a few years back, but today, following PASPA and also the unique effects of the Covid lockdown which has shown the huge potential for online gaming, those negative voices aren’t that vocal anymore. There has also been a large focus on licensing efforts in multiple states and we shall soon be ready in three jurisdictions. 

We are also the first supplier with European heritage to invest in creating a US-based casino games studio which is set to specifically tailor games for this market here from our Miami offices. 

SBC: How many staff will be joining you in the US office? And how do you go about identifying the right talent to make this a success?

EN: We’ll be coordinating all the commercial activity in both the US and Latin America (LatAm) from our Miami office. We’re looking to put together a team of people with the right competencies. 

Besides business development and account management, we are also recruiting ongoing for key roles in compliance and operations. And as mentioned, the US gaming studio is based here as well, so I project to have a significant number of employees joining us already this year.

Our plan to attract top talent is very simple at its core: offering great employee incentives. This includes a four-week paid holiday from the start, as well as a generous maternity leave. EveryMatrix knows that taking care of one’s employees means that they will make sure the business is successful. And I am proud to say we want to apply the same mentality in the US.

SBC: Why did you choose Miami as the base for EveryMatrix in both the US and LatAm markets?

EN: The location of our office was strategically decided based on its attractiveness for our future customers and employees. Miami is a trendy metropolitan city with artistic vibes, and a place that fosters creativity. This combination is perfect for our games team. Miami also has a never-ending summer, which we hope will attract top talent. The low taxes are also another perk for our employees.  

From a business standpoint, Miami is a vibrant meeting point for Latin Americans, who come here either for business, vacation or part-time living. One can see it as the capital of LatAm even though we are in the US, making it the ideal hub for business in both the US and LatAm. 

SBC: How are you pitching EveryMatrix to operators? Does your complete platform draw you towards new operators and providing a full service, or is it more realistic to provide standalone solutions? 

EN: Both options are viable for us, and it really depends on the market and the customer’s needs. When launching in a new state, operators tend to opt for a turnkey solution, but also in mature states there are those who seek to replace their current platform provider. 

A turnkey solution has or should offer at least one clear advantage: simplifying operations by providing operators control of their platform via a unified back-office. The EveryMatrix turnkey solution means eliminating the hassle of having an endless number of back-office setups, logins and layouts. 

And the software’s architecture is very flexible, allowing integrations with many third-party services. It essentially means we offer a very customisable casino or sportsbook platform that will be able to evolve over time however the customer chooses.

This also has another benefit for operators aiming to launch in the states that are currently allowing only sports betting. In a future when regulations will also include the casino vertical, operators using our turnkey platform will be able to easily add their casino website into the mix. 

That’s where the strength of our offer resides: in the flexibility of our products and services, which easily accommodates the present and future needs of operators.

We are also completely flexible and can offer parts of our products, such as aggregation and bonusing separate from PAM and sportsbook. EveryMatrix has developed a solution where every product can be employed alone and easily integrated into any platform or PAM. 

SBC: And finally, what does your product roadmap for the US look like? Where do you see EveryMatrix in three to five years’ time?

EN: I mentioned earlier that flexibility is one of our biggest strengths, and I’ll have to reaffirm that when it comes to our product roadmap.

We leave a lot of room to take care of our clients’ needs, maintaining an agile mindset. That being said, of course we’re also looking to stay ahead of the market and preserve competitiveness. 

For example, we bring a US-tailored sportsbook platform in terms of design, structure and content, covering a lot of tier-1 competitions for local sports like basketball, baseball and football.

If our plans materialise, EveryMatrix has a strong chance of becoming the largest turnkey provider in the US and LatAm. Possibly also Canada following the developments in Ontario.

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