SBC News SBC Profile: Jonas Tegman - Nolimit City - No Limit to to games ambitions

SBC Profile: Jonas Tegman – Nolimit City – No Limit to to games ambitions

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-10-30-54“Nolimit City was born out of frustration!” says co-founder Jonas Tegman of the new games development business he has launched with fellow industry veteran Per Lindheimer.

“We have both worked for some of the largest suppliers and operators in the market, and from our point of view they are all making the same mistake,” he continues. “Instead of asking operators what they want from their games, they are telling them.”

Tegman believes a shift in thinking is what is needed, and that a company that is flexible, creative and innovative can provide some of the answers that the big suppliers are struggling with.

He and Lindheimer know of what they speak. Both previously spent time at Net Ent (which is now established as a breeding ground for talented online gambling people) before moving on to operators; ComeOn in Tegman’s case and Bwin for Lindheimer.

Tegman says the company “started with nothing more than ambition, a strong work ethic and the desire to build the best slots games in the world.”

It’s aim is to break some of the boundaries that exist in the industry around integrations and the time taken to get new games in front of the public.

“The days of games taking months to get to market are gone,” he says. “With a modern platform like ours it now takes a matter of days, allowing us to invest our time and resources into designing and building more and better games.”

Tegman says the company “lives and breathes” the content it creates and getting to the point of being happy with how a game works is a process which involves constant learning.

“Iteration and testing is at the core of our approach to making games,” he says. “We test, tweak, and test again until we are happy with the end product. We can repeat the process hundreds of times for any one game and have a policy of not releasing a game until we are 100% happy with it. If that means screwing it up and chucking it in the trash, then so be it. We are obsessed with quality; in this industry you have to be. You are only as good as your last game, and when you are a small supplier like us, a bad product could stop us firmly in our tracks.”

It’s a refreshing attitude and one that is likely to held the company in good stead as it progresses. As to future developments in the games sector, he believes that the extraction of the full potential for HTML5 is a work in progress. But as regards further innovations, he says he is careful not to speculate too wildly but he does believe that the advent of VR and AR might just be too gimmicky.

“I am very careful when speculating about the future, but I just don’t see players donning helmets in order to enhance their experience – the last people to wear helmets in Sweden were the Vikings!”

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