Better Collective Spotlight: Moving into DFS through RotoGrinders deal

Late last month, leading igaming affiliate Better Collective acquired a 60 per cent stake in RotoGrinders – the operator of news and information portals,,, and – for a fee of $21m.

We caught up with Tomás Vaz de Carvalho, Project Manager of Global Operations at Better Collective – who also confirmed that it will acquire the remaining 40 per cent between 2022 and 2024 – to find out more about his company’s impending DFS move.

As part of this month’s Better Collective Spotlight, he shared his excitement over the increased US market presence, before explaining how it will keep the “core platform in tact” while adding complementary skills using its knowledge of sports betting affiliation.

SBC: How excited are you about moving into fantasy sports?

Tomás Vaz de Carvalho: With the recent acquisition of the RotoGrinders network, we have extended not only our presence in the US market, but also our portfolio into daily fantasy sports. This is exciting because DFS has gained great popularity in the US over recent years, and it is what we believe could be an entry point to a relevant audience.

SBC: Does this pave the way for more fantasy-sports based acquisitions?

TVdC: Since daily fantasy sports has been the American market’s closest substitute for betting during the PASPA era, the users of DFS platforms are of interest. Whether this means that we will acquire further DFS is still to be determined, but we are excited that we have acquired such a strong brand in the US with a loyal following.  

SBC: Will you work sports betting opportunities into the network?

TVdC: As with all of our acquisitions, we aim to improve the platforms with the knowledge we have developed within sports betting affiliation. However, it’s important to note that the RotoGrinders Network has grown a strong user base due to the values and set up of the current platforms. We will therefore maintain the core platform in tact to make sure that we do not alienate the users who have already grown to love the sites.  

SBC: What can you do as a parent company to change/improve the RotoGrinders network in its current form?

TVdC: As with all of our acquisitions, we look to help bring complementary skills that will help improve the given platform. We have a breadth of knowledge when it comes to specialised areas of the affiliate industry that we know can help support the good work the team at the RotoGrinders network have already done.

Likewise, we stand to learn a lot from their insight and tools on US sports and the US market. We recognised the strong potential in combining our individual expertise to help put us in a great position in the US.

SBC: How much data crossover is there to sports betting?

TVdC: There is quite some crossover to sports betting, particularly when it comes to referring to detailed statistics when it comes to placing educated bets or choosing the perfect line up for your fantasy team.

This type of detailed analyses and sports content that is needed for DFS, both on teams and individual player performance, is something that can prove useful in the future for those in states where sports betting is regulated.

This type of sports analysis is something that we have always been hosting doing across our other sites. Even if RotoGrinders is a DFS site, their tools and resources give the possibility to extend into sports betting as well.

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