SBC News Renato Rossi, Vermantia: Revolutionising the retail experience

Renato Rossi, Vermantia: Revolutionising the retail experience

Vermantias Vision NextGen will revolutionise the way retail shops operate, according to Renato Rossi (pictured below), with the technology combining “all the technological advancements and state-of-the-art back office together”. This, he explained, will give operators complete control over their own data.

Having joined Vermantia as its Director of Business Development last month, Rossi also revealed plans to seek out new opportunities and develop long-term business strategies to drive business progression and expansion.

SBC: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us – can you tell us a bit about what your role entails?

RR: Having more than 15 years of experience in the betting and gaming industry, evolution, growth and excellent cooperation among my peers is one of my personal goals. Vermantia is a company that continues to grow and evolve within its markets of operation and the company itself.

As Director of Business Development it is my goal to continue this expansion by engaging with new customers and new markets. Now that the pandemic is almost in the past we will be looking for new opportunities and developing long-term business strategies to drive business progression and expansion.

SBC: Being the newest member on the Board of Directors at Vermantia, which product and/or service has caught your eye so far?

RR: Vermantia is a distinguished supplier that works with almost all tier one operators globally. Content wise it has among the biggest variety of live races and live sports available with round-the-clock material, 365 days a year. With a unique collection of dozens of virtual games and top of the line numeric games.

When it comes to content delivery, Vermantia produces bespoke channels supporting any content including live sports, live racing and virtual. With the industry’s best streaming product available via low and ultra-low latency, content is delivered in almost real time. We also offer worldwide satellite coverage adopting the latest in broadcasting technology.

SBC News Renato Rossi, Vermantia: Revolutionising the retail experienceWhat caught my attention was Vision NextGen, the latest solution launched at the end of 2021 that combines multiple services in one compact box. This takes the lead as our flagship product for 2021 – 2022, a product that will revolutionise the way retail shops operate by bringing all the technological advancements and state-of-the-art back office together. Giving full control of our data, the power is now in your hands.

SBC: For those that might not know, what is Vision NextGen?

RR: Vision NextGen derived from our years of experience in the field and our understanding of our partners’ and customers’ needs. It is a complete content delivery solution and digital management system combining live content with data templates with ultra-low latency, in various formats, sizes, shapes and orientations, in single or multi-view screens and video walls with cutting-edge and market proven technology.

This pioneer solution provides a one plug and play box with the ability to connect on two screens and differentiate the material it presents in each screen. The power is in its simplicity as it provides a user-friendly back-office that allows each operator to control it with ease either remotely or on location. It is also fully customisable to the operator’s needs and can be operated and monitored even through a mobile device.

SBC: How does Vision NextGen fill a gap in the market for the ways retail betting operates?

RR: From day one, Vermantia had embedded in its DNA the passion and ability to distribute content to retail operators. Through our experience and extensive R&D a gap was identified in the market, thus making room for Vision NextGen to be created. It is a complete content management solution for Vermantia’s partners and clients, giving them the ease and power to fully customise it to their own needs.

Vision NextGen provides a combination of the best and most necessary features a retail operator requires and gives them the power to control it with just the press of a button on their personal phone. We believe Vision NextGen is the tool that will allow our customers not only to move to IPTV but also provide more content with less cost.

SBC: How important is localization when it comes to content delivery? And how is Vision NextGen ensuring that retail operators can meet the needs of their customers?

RR: Vermantia provides localised content for its entire network of services, making each solution tailored to the customers and location needs. Vision NextGen is a cloud based ultra-low, less than one second latency solution. In short, real time delivery of content. This not only ups the ante for operators but also enhances player experience whether online or in-store, giving it a 360⁰ approach.

Content distribution takes place in a timely manner at an entire country or specific regions and towns, or any type of group of retail shops, or even specific retail locations down to the individual TV set level. It works with any content compilation (data, pictures, feeds, videos, live videos). Vision Next Gen maximises users’ and players’ infotainment, offers HD tailor-made content and efficiently serves operator products all in one cost-efficient solution.

SBC: Finally, what can we expect from Vermantia in 2022?

RR: Vermantia constantly continues to evolve and search for better ways to improve the way operators work and enhance player satisfaction. Currently we are working on a new product that we expect to be launched shortly.

This is a new betting solution, designed for both the retail and the online environment, combining regular sportsbook betting with a contest experience. The players place bets in real and live sports events (in-play betting) as in sportsbook, while at the same time are competing against each other in predicting correctly the outcomes of the matches available.

It is a completely standalone service, coming with its own back-office and cashier applications for the operator’s retail network and can act as a complementary service to sportsbook, towards the direction of increasing the bets placed on real sports events. This user-friendly solution not only fills the betting gaps within the day, but it creates player engagement and higher traffic through retail shops / websites. We are excited to launch this solution as it takes a familiar product and enhances it to benefit both the player and the operator.

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