Sportradar’s programmatic video advertising: Helping bookmaker revenues grow 49% faster

Florian Geheeb, Global Director Advertising Sales at Sportradar, explains how programmatic video advertising through its ad:s service – providing access to 60 billion video ad requests each day – can help bookmakers stand out in the crowded sports betting marketplace.

He added that global video advertising spend has increased by 35% since 2019, while Sportradar analysis indicates that revenues can grow up to 49% faster for those utilising the format.

SBC: Just explain to our readers, what is programmatic video advertising and how does it work?

FG: Programmatic video advertising is the future of digital marketing and brings sportsbooks closer to their target audience through dynamic messaging and visual content. 

The automated process sees advertisement space purchased through an online platform, such as Sportradar’s ad:s programmatic video advertising service, providing access to 60 billion video ad requests each day, and uses complex algorithms to target more suitable customers with relevant ads during their online experience. 

For sportsbooks, this enables them to reach key audiences across multiple channels and touch points, optimising the second screen experience by placing ads within video content, media or mobile phone games. 

SBC: How is it changing the way in which brands engage with target audiences in the digital space?

FG: Video content is proven to grab the attention of online users and many brands are identifying this format as an effective way to engage with customers. In fact, independent research has shown a 97% increase in purchase intent after a positive experience with a video ad, while there’s evidence to suggest that video ads have a stronger recall amongst prospective customers. 

Combining programmatic advertising with video creates a powerful marketing tool for operators to sharpen their engagement with new and potential customers. 

Florian Geheeb, Sportradar

Ultimately, programmatic video advertising delivers greater efficiency and transparency for brands, as well as better results from their marketing campaigns. The process significantly reduces ad waste and budget expenditure, with the model allowing operators to only target interested parties. 

Results from programmatic video advertising can be clearly measured at every step of the funnel, while there is greater precision on the paid price for the video ads. 

SBC: And why have you decided to launch this product now?

FG: Programmatic video advertising is becoming an essential marketing tool as it can drive improved engagement for brands. Evidence suggests that over 60% of consumers prefer ads which are relevant to the videos they are watching, as opposed to ads that are relevant to their browsing behaviour. 

We expect this figure to increase in the coming years as consumers become more accustomed to the different types of ads they experience in their online journey. 

The addition of programmatic video advertising to Sportradar’s suite of digital marketing services strengthens our overall performance efficiency proposition. ad:s is highly targeted and helps operators to spend their budget efficiently  while  clearly measuring results at every stage of the acquisition funnel. 

What makes our offering unique is how it is optimised for the global igaming industry. We have access to over 60 billion video ad requests per day and hold more than 600 private deals curated for the igaming sector, ensuring sportsbooks will reach the most relevant audiences.  

SBC: What are the key benefits of programmatic video advertising for sportsbooks?

FG: Operators can tailor their activity to achieve their objectives. One operator may want to deliver a campaign targeting premium content websites or applications, while another will be focused on reaching the largest and most relevant possible audience or seeking a higher completion rate. 

Each approach is capable of creating additional revenue opportunities for operators. Our analysis shows that revenues can grow up to 49% faster compared to competitors who do not utilise video advertising. 

Ahead of key sporting events this summer, including the rescheduled European Championships, programmatic video advertising can play an important role in helping to elevate a brand’s position within a clustered marketplace. 

Competition between sportsbooks will be fierce when attracting customers, but those who adopt highly impactful video content directed at relevant users are sure to have a competitive edge. 

SBC: How crucial is programmatic video advertising in improving marketing efficiency, particularly at a time when budgets are under increased scrutiny?

FG: Given the efficiencies it can deliver, programmatic video advertising must be a key consideration for marketeers in the industry. The process maximises budgets by reducing ad waste and ensures operators target an audience that will be interested in their offering. 

This is far more effective than traditional forms of media buying, which can be very costly despite the fact the execution is not as advanced or sophisticated as what programmatic platforms offer. 

SBC: Finally, do you think this will become one of the leading advertising tools for sportsbooks and will it eventually overtake spend on display?

FG: Clearly, the high impact that video content has on the end user means that programmatic video advertising will become a necessity. Global video advertising spend has increased by 35% compared to 2019 as companies understand the huge potential that this format brings. 

Combining video with programmatic advertising offers a powerful tool for those sportsbooks looking to elevate their customer engagement.

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