Self-service terminals: the key to retail’s recovery in 2021?

Self-service terminals: the key to retail’s recovery in 2021?

In recent years, there has been a considerable shift towards ‘humanless betting’ – particularly through the use of self-service terminals. With the social distancing measures introduced as a result of the pandemic, this is a trend which is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With people likely to feel apprehensive about human contact in the coming months, BetInvest is convinced that the wide-spread introduction and use of self-service terminals will aid the retail sector’s recovery as we begin to emerge into a post-COVID world.

Are self-service terminals the next step? 

Looking at what 2021 holds, it seems like ‘cashless’ and ‘staffless’ betting shops can be the saving grace for the betting sector in countries where online gambling has taken precedent. 

In many countries, online betting is rapidly growing due to the improved accessibility of being able to place bets through self-service terminals, which are often featured alongside a customer service terminal that is designed to deal with any issues. 

By operating on a global scale, BetInvest’s self-service terminals have been rolled out in all its operational jurisdictions where regulation permits. The terminal solutions can be a fundamental driver in retail’s recovery with the options to stream races and sporting events, as well as lotteries and virtual games.

The customised design terminals have also been created with player experience a top priority with players able to achieve maximum of gambling opportunities through the BetInvest products on offer – which include sports betting, lotto, Keno, roulette and box of six. 

Featuring a technical platform which has been developed in-house, BetInvest says that its terminals are well equipped to meet the needs of players. 

Alongside these features, the supplier highlighted that a key function for the terminals is the option to automatically accept bets as well as creating an alert service which notifies the user about in-play changes to odds. 

2021: A new era for retail betting?

There’s no doubt that self-service terminals and cashless payments could form a major part in bringing about a new dawn for the retail sector. 

According to BetInvest, the payment technologies which have been implemented across its terminals will not only make the self-service experience fast and paperless, but also give bettors the freedom to enjoy the experience more by making bets faster. 

Taking a client-oriented approach to its self-service terminals, BetInvest has already recorded sufficient growth in demand for the product as a result. 

From the outset, self-service terminals could be a solution for those players looking to immerse themselves in the betting community without the contact associated with an over-the-counter experience. This has already become apparent when looking at certain sports, such as horse racing.

With horse racing punters often assumed to prefer the traditional retail experience, over the last year there has been a boost in bets placed online for the sport due to the promotions on offer from operators. 

What next?

After seeing the initial trends of growth for self-service terminals, it can be expected that this is going to continue to be a key area of focus for the industry in 2021 as operators seek to find new ways to recover from the effects of 2020.

Companies that continue to invest in product developments will have tangible benefits in face of possible new entrants that are attracted by the growth potential in the online betting and gambling market.

But looking towards the next 12 months and beyond, BetInvest has one goal in mind: to supply its partners over the globe with terminal solutions that can be rated as the leading betting technology.  

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