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Trustly Scan N Play: Dethroning the cash king, by Samuel Barrett

2020 has been a big year for Trustly, as my colleague Ciaran O’Malley recently shared with the readers on SBC News.

In addition to debuting a new logo and brand identity, this year saw the launch of Scan N Play – a revolutionary cashless solution for land-based casinos and retail gaming shops.

With instant player verification, instant deposits and instant withdrawals, Scan N Play provides an unbeatable customer experience. But perhaps it’s more important to talk about what it eliminates – cash! 

Going cashless is a win for everyone. Cash has a dirty reputation right now, and when players do finally get back out of the house, they won’t want to deal with it. 

But beyond the hygiene factor, reducing cash (and card) transactions just makes life easier for land-based operators. From compliance and administrative processes to player verification, AML, responsible gaming and payment settlement – it’s all easier with Scan N Play.

Players are ready to drop the cash

Since real life interaction has been difficult lately, many of us are looking forward to getting out of the house in the near future. But when we do head back to our favourite gaming shop or casino, there will be a lot less cash in our pockets. 

Cash has already been on the decline for years. When visiting my colleagues at Trustly headquarters in Stockholm, I’ve come across a number of cafés and corner shops that no longer accept cash at all. 

While countries like the UK and Germany are far from going totally cashless, it is clear that consumer preference is moving away from cash. According to LINK, the UK’s biggest ATM provider, ATM transactions initially fell 60% year-on-year when the British lockdown began in March 2020. 

While contactless cards and payments apps are on the rise, they can’t compare to Scan N Play in terms of customer acquisition and player experience. Scan N Play also eliminates problems of settlement and fraud that accompany card and card-like app payments. 

Scan N play is much more than a payment app

Scan N Play is a web-based solution. There are no speed bumps on the path to user adoption because there’s no download or account sign-up required. 

The player just needs their mobile phone, a connection to the internet and access to their bank account. To make a deposit, the player scans a QR code which is displayed at cashier points, the cage, gaming terminals or at table games.

Deposits and withdrawals are secure and instantaneous

Once they scan the QR code, the player is directed to the Trustly-hosted page where they select their bank, their preferred account, and the amount they wish to deposit. 

The player uses two-factor authentication to confirm their identity, and the deposit is complete. It’s all seamless and instant. There are no clunky redirects or transfer processes. 

Once the deposit is received and approved, the player can redeem their chips or cash voucher which then be deposited directly at the tables and slot machines. Scan N Play can also be directly integrated into slot machines and CRT terminals further enhancing its visibility across the retail gaming floor. 

Scan N Play withdrawals are usually sent to the same account where the funds were deposited from, without any player interaction needed. As soon as the withdrawal request is completed, the player can access their money within five minutes. 

Open Banking payments meet land-based gaming

By leveraging Open Banking technology, Scan N Play supports operators in fulfilling KYC requirements. That data also includes any responsible gaming checks that have been placed on player’s accounts.

Open Banking is already popular in Sweden and Northern Europe. Open Banking payments are now set to take off in the UK, as another of my colleagues Liam Colclough recently explained.

Scan N Play builds on Open Banking technology to deliver a complete solution that consists of KYC, ultra-fast payouts, refunds and reconciliation. Operators get full player authentication out of the box.

Open Banking payments mean less risk and less admin 

Cash handling is burdensome and increasingly inefficient. By encouraging digital payments, operators can move away from the outdated processes of cash handling  – including the related risk and cost. 

Since Scan N Play deposits are instant, operators don’t have to wait around for reconciliation as they do with card payments. Scan N Play also supports operational benefits including simplified pay-out processes and less time spent tracking missing payments. 

Long live the cashless king

The old adage that “cash is king” is certainly obsolete. Cashless payments are clearly taking over the throne. While cards and payment apps vie for power, I would go so far as to say they too will soon be outdated. I believe that Open Banking will soon be crowned king of payments – one with the potential for a long reign. 

With Scan N Play, land-based operators can bring their business fully into the digital age. As new trends in gaming continue to accelerate, my colleagues and I at Trustly are ready to support land-based operators as they transition to their cashless future.

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