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Upgraded tech: Plug in with All-in for easy iGaming localisation

Manually uploading localised texts is now a thing of the past, said All-in Global, after the language solutions provider launched its new Plug in with All-in translation system.

The company’s CEO Tiago Aprigio spoke to SBC News about the four stand out features of the new translation system, built specifically for the iGaming industry.

CMS & API integration

“Manually uploading localised texts is a thing of the past,” he said. “Clients can connect their back-end to All-in Global’s system, turning content and localisation management into a much easier process. 

“This connection can be made with almost any CMS system, or even through a tailored API integration. It’s time to wave goodbye to migraine-triggering formatting and file sharing!”

Multilingual WordPress plugin

Uploading texts in your own language is one thing, but what about translating to others? This can be done in just a few simple steps, as told by Aprigio: “You just have to install and connect the multilingual WordPress plugin with the All-in server, then select the pages you need to be translated. Voilà.” 

Drag & Drop Folder

Anyone who has worked with a third party to launch a localised site will sympathise with the never ending flow of emails. This is where the Drag & Drop Folder comes in, as Aprigio explained: “You can conveniently transfer files using the folder to reduce the number of emails exchanged and increase communication efficiency between clients and Project Managers.”

Phone Interpretation

They say the internet has made the world a smaller place. It’s true that there is now greater opportunity to close deals online, but sometimes you need to jump on the phone to iron out some of the finer details. So, how do you overcome the language barrier? 

Aprigio said: “If you are closing online deals these days, the phone interpretation service is something you don’t want to miss out on. Many of today’s business meetings occur online, so we have the perfect 24/7 solution for those scheduled online/telephone calls where you need an interpreter so that everyone attending can understand everything correctly. 

“You will receive a unique dial-in code, then before you know it, an interpreter familiar with your sector’s terms and topics will be available on the line.”

This upgraded localisation process has been presented by All-in Global to existing and prospective clients through entertaining videos featuring four ‘rib-tickling’ characters.

The characters, it said, are there to explain how the upgraded tech features turn iGaming content localisation into a “super easy process where All-in bake the entire pie for their clients”. 

Here are the four characters, each representing a different segment of All-in Global’s clientele:

  • Eric Smartman – for busy iGaming and esports entrepreneurs who swear a lot
  • Morgan Freewoman – for iGaming creatives who love to own the narrative
  • Charlotta Johanson – for Karaoke lovers who got lost in translation
  • Daniel Attenthourough – for iGaming developers who fancy the lifestyle of digital nomads.

For more information about All-in Global language services, contact [email protected].

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