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The three C’s of digital customer experience within gaming

Neel Davda, Head of Gaming Accounts at Bold360, highlights the five key components of customer experience and why his company’s AI-based conversion platform is focused on the three C’s to deliver a friction-free service for its clients. 

As the world is forced to become more digitised, how can gaming specifically evolve to offer a better customer experience? One that is future proofed to cope with any other future disruptions that may threaten to derail the industry’s revenues? 

A recent study by PwC on customer experiences cited the five things that people valued most were – in order of preference – efficiency, convenience, knowledgeable and friendly staff, easy payment and up-to-date technology.

Acknowledging these is one thing but how can a business go beyond this and operationalise it? Bold360 is a technology that has been enabling and partnering with businesses for over a decade. It is as much a consultative and technological application that offers the litmus test in proving value. 

We approach a customer by first understanding what it is they are looking to achieve. Not only from a technological perspective but also from a KPI driven perspective. The flexibility of our platform means we are able to tackle various pain points within an organisation focusing in on the three C’s:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Conversion 
  3. Compliance

Customer Service

We find there is a commonality for all customers and clients regardless of sector within gaming with the usual types of customer request. Account withdrawal status, forgotten password, bonus eligibility, account verification and registration. We usually hold the customers hand and begin with a publicly available FAQ centre that manages this type of content and all other commonly asked questions. 

We see immediate returns of 30% deflection for the brand we partner with. This then develops very swiftly to 40% when we build out a virtual assistant to produce a more intuitive experience. 

There is also the opportunity to extend this even higher (see 30/40/50 rule for deflection) if we can integrate with your back end gaming systems and allow customers to check their pending withdrawals, reset their password or check their bonus eligibility. The final piece in the puzzle is proactively reaching out to customers to enhance conversion and retention via chat.


There is a minefield of information about the customer that can be viewed if we can integrate with CRM. However, how do you scale and automate the outreach process? Automating a virtual assistant to reach out proactively can help free up agent time to focus on complexity or improved revenue generation. 

It can also lead visitors through personalised product discovery, facilitate product selection and accelerate conversion, while routing to human agents only when necessary, thereby eliminating friction in the journey and reducing costs for the operator. A/B test target segments can even be set up to optimise customer experience and drive more revenue.


The Gambling Commission is taking an ever increasing stricter stance when it comes to responsible gaming. The biggest challenge can be proof points for gaming providers to show that they have taken responsibility and reached out to gamers who have shown irregular online activity.

The Bold360 platform enables you to create campaign triggers to make sure a bot asks the necessary questions to find out if the gamer is acting in the correct fashion. At the end of this exchange, the operator has a track record of the bot to customer dialogue for audit purposes. 

In conclusion, by answering queries as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Bold360 platform can promote the propensity for customers of all age groups to use it. While for the operator, it frees up agents from simple customer requests to focus on issues with more complexity or more likely to influence future loyalty, and gives them a paper trail to identify problem gamblers.

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