Carousel Group: Bringing the fun of the tracks onto the website

Carousel Group recently confirmed that it is in the final preparations of launching its first two online betting properties and

SBC spoke to the firm’s Founder and CEO Daniel Graetzer who detailed how is aiming to be positioned as the ‘ultimate destination’ to bet on global sports while seeks to become a dedicated platform for racing enthusiasts.


SBC: Firstly, could you tell us the thought process behind the two brands and how they both aim to stand out in congested markets? Will the two brands run separately, or will they both compliment each other with offers and promotions?

Daniel Graetzer: The brand names themselves should hint towards our longer term strategy, we have chosen two very highly recognisable brands which will work well in above the line marketing in regulated markets, as well as being an advantage with organic search.

Each brand will have a very distinct identity, and our initial focus in such a crowded market will be to put the customer at the centre of everything we do. Our player experience will grow to become the best in the marketplace, and in particular for, we will focus on a less congested, recreational market and simplify the experience as well as ensuring it is a fun, and rewarding experience for players.

For, we will invest heavily in content to ensure that new and experienced players alike have a racing destination second to none. Our aim is to bring some of the fun of the track to the website, and provide players with enough high quality content to make decisions, and to keep abreast of what’s happening in the racing world.

SBC: With regards to, how do you plan on ensuring that you stand out and specifically appeal to racing punters? will be one of very few racing focused websites that exist, and we aim to be the number one destination for racing enthusiasts. We will do this by offering outstanding customer service, curating and providing high quality racing content, and building a simple, easy to use experience inspired by the wider world of e-commerce. In addition, we will offer a personalised experience to ensure that content and events are relevant to the player, and transparency at every step of the way from odds to withdrawals.

SBC: A key issue for racing punters in recent times has been a minimum bet guarantee, how do you plan on catering to high staking customers?

Whilst many operators are now offering these options to their customers, we need to first see how our customers react to these options, and so we may choose to offer high staking customers these options by invitation initially. Our first brand to market, aims to simplify the experience, and make sports easy, fun and accessible to a wider audience. will certainly include options such as the minimum bet guarantee, and offer more options for high-stake customers which we will announce close to launch.

SBC: As for, what will you do to attract a core audience and build a loyal following after your formation?

Our ambition is to create a brand that is fair, open and transparent. We will offer lots of content relevant to new users, and support them every step of the way. For experienced punters, we will curate and provide original content which will hopefully mean that they visit our brands as not only a destination for betting, but as an entertainment destination for news and content.

As well as great content, we will offer fair and easy to use bonuses and promotions, an enhanced player experience with achievements and some gamification to make it more rewarding in every sense as well as financial.

SBC: Which sports and which markets will the site primarily be focusing on?

We have to keep one or two secrets for launch, but what I can tell you now is that we will focus first on key markets in Europe and Latin America with a heavy emphasis on football, basketball and tennis. We will personalise the experience for each market, and so we will feature events from the world of hockey, and from more than 30 different sports worldwide.

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