SBC News MoPlay's Juergen Reutter: Maximising partnerships to become a key UK player

MoPlay’s Juergen Reutter: Maximising partnerships to become a key UK player

Having recently signed a landmark partnership with Manchester United, MoPlay is looking to standout in the UK betting market, placing a key emphasis on mobile betting and reaching out to a new demographic.

SBC spoke to MoPlay’s CEO, Juergen Reutter about how the firm is looking to maximise key sponsorship deals to become a household name amongst UK brands.

SBC: Could you tell us more about MoPlay’s offering and how it stands out in the market?

Juergen Reutter: MoPlay is poised to stand out from conception of the name to the offering of the product and services delivered. Determining our brand took some time as we did not want to have ‘bet’ in the name. We landed on ‘Mo’ and “Play’ with ‘Mo’ representing “mobile”, “more” or “move” and “play” encapsulating the entertainment element of the service we are offering.

As a business we are mobile first and millennial focused and our design palette and visual identity has been created with this consumer in mind. We are cognisant that we have entered into a very competitive, saturated industry and therefore it’s about bringing a brand to market that feels different and provides a service that is new and exciting.

Being a mobile brand, means that our digital content is also our core route to market and social media a principal channel too. When it comes to social content, we will not just benchmark ourselves against other gambling companies, but against the best brands in the world. The team have put a lot of effort into creating a tone of voice and visual identity that demands we stand out from the crowd.

SBC: How important is a smooth mobile offering to the modern punter?

JR: A mobile offering is, in our view, everything to the modern consumer. We avoid the word ‘punter’ as the customers of the gaming industry are no different than any other consumer in any other industry. All of them expect a fast, smooth and slick experience on the mobile and on the move. Indeed, at MoPlay, ‘mobile first’ forms part of our foundational DNA.

SBC: Do you think MoPlay is more suited to in-play bettors and how are you aiming to ensure that you attract a wide range of bettors?  

JR: MoPlay aims to be the go-to gaming offering regardless of whether it is pre-match or in-play. As a mobile first business, we want to be in the customers’ hand, simple and fast and therefore with this offering we should expect to have a significant share of the in-play betting market and allow these consumers to enjoy gaming too whilst watching or following their chosen sports events. We are aiming to bring in-play to the next level offering “Fast Markets” by allowing customers to place bets on 5 or 10 minute markets.

We are also offering a market leading fast gear feature, “PowerPlay” for short goal markets of 30 seconds with incremental payouts.

SBC: How much does it mean for MoPlay to be partnered with Manchester United?

JR: When it comes to sport, it doesn’t get any bigger than the Premier League. Our ambition is for MoPlay to be a truly global operator, and with an audience of 200 million a week, this is the number one platform for us to embark on that journey.

Given that we didn’t even open for business until earlier this summer, we had to convince these long-established football clubs to buy into our vision. We’re proud to be the first unknown brand in this industry to make such a high-profile entrance in the sponsorship space. The Man Utd sponsorship brings MoPlay almost instantaneous top-of-funnel awareness and the Watford FC sleeve sponsorship also brings great visibility to our brand. But more pertinently, they also bring credibility. In the era of the trust economy, this is vitally important for a new brand like MoPlay.

SBC: Could you reveal any plans for sponsorship activation with the club, and how you plan to maximise this partnership?

JR: We can confirm that sponsorship activation is an extremely important aspect of the sponsorship arrangements we have entered into. There is no longer any justification for the expenditure on a football sponsorship simply by putting a logo on a shirt and LED display. In order for the fans to notice your brand and care about your brand, sponsorship in 2018 and beyond is about activation.

We are already activating our sponsorships across all touchpoints, with exclusive fan offers, in stadia match day events, unique content with the players and a series of social initiatives that reward fan loyalty.  It is important to us to build an affinity with our sponsored clubs’ fanbase and to provide an opportunity for them to interact with MoPlay and get to know us.

One of the early initiatives we worked on and was a resounding success is the “Bet £20 and receive a free Watford FC home or away shirt campaign”. The offer really resonated with supporters, especially around the launch of the new Premier League season and the launch of our new offering.

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