10Bet’s Oshri Kostiner: Making the Most of Every World Cup Match

10Bet’s Create Your Bet and Pulse Bet features are creating greater synergy between pre-event and in-play betting, explains Oshri Kostiner, chief marketing officer at the fast-growing UK and international operator.

With 64 games in just 31 days, up to four matches a day and unrivalled media focus, the World Cup is unequivocally the biggest betting event on the planet, and bookies are unsurprisingly anxious to get their strategies just right.

Ever since the introduction of in-play betting, the general industry perception has been that live bet types attract a very different demographic from pre-event markets.

Players who bet in-play have often been seen as casual punters who are more impulsive, and perhaps less savvy, than pre-event bettors, who take longer to decide exactly what to bet on.

However, our latest data paints a very different picture, demonstrating that players who may place a pre-match bet are three times more likely to bet in-play on that game, via the 10Bet app or mobile website.

The more players are invested in a particular game – both financially and emotionally – the more they want to bet on it while it is being played. There’s no doubt that the second-screen experience has contributed significantly to this trend.

These days it’s normal to have your mobile phone or tablet handy while you’re watching a live game, and to constantly check social media and sports sites. At the same time, bettors will most likely have their favourite betting site or app open to make sure they are up to date with the latest odds and markets.

Building on these insights, our industry-best pre-event feature Create Your Bet, and ground-breaking in-play innovation Pulse Bet, are now delivering higher margin across the board thanks to steadily increasing combo ratios and in-play volume.

Launched early this year, Create Your Bet is the most intelligent pre-match bet builder on the market. It allows players to build a pre-match bet containing up to 6 selections on the same event, includes the widest range of markets and is fully automated with real-time pricing and no need for trader approval.

For example, it is now possible to create a bet on England to beat Tunisia with Harry Kane to score first and over 1.5 goals in the game – a previously unavailable treble – and then place the bet directly from the event page using the mini bet slip at the bottom of the screen.

Pulse Bet, meanwhile, is a totally new in-play concept, offering jackpot-style wins that increase as the seconds tick by.

This revolutionary feature allows players to bet on when the next goal will be scored – in the next 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes – and watch their potential winnings increase as the time runs out.

For example, if a player bets on a goal to be scored in the next 30 seconds and either team scores 8 seconds before the bet period ends, he’ll win the ‘jackpot’ amount. The clear and simple user interface makes it quick and easy to place a Pulse Bet while watching all the World Cup games.

The addition of these new options to 10Bet’s sports betting offering has emphasised the growing synergy between players betting before an event starts and during the game.

With the World Cup almost upon us, this correlation has been key to the design and implementation of our marketing campaigns. We’re targeting both broad segments and individual players, so we want to be sure we can offer our players and affiliates the best pre-match and in-play features on the market, and combine them with promotions that enable them to make more out of all the games they care most about.

With just a few days to go till the big kick-off in Russia, players will be looking for the most enticing betting opportunities on every game. We’re confident that 10Bet’s newest pre-match and live features will prove to be a major differentiator that will attract football-hungry fans from the start of the action right through to the final.

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