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Alessandro Fried – BtoBet – Purchasing power has shifted to the consumer

As the sports betting industry continues to go through a digital transformation, for BtoBet continual innovation was a huge factor in retaining its status as a standout platform provider in 2017.

After receiving the SBC award for Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation, BtoBet’s Chairman, Alessandro Fried described it as “an honour to close 2017, rich in achievements and awards”.

Alessandro Fried, BtoBet

He added that: “The SBC Award for 2017 confirms BtoBet’s reputation as a robust and advanced platform provider and at the same time as a fully trusted technological partner.”

Detailing how the customer journey has evolved over the past year and the continuing importance of the role of Artificial Intelligence, Fried continued: “The evolution of platform technology has advanced way beyond simple player management systems that enable operators to acquire and analyse a player’s data and behaviour. The gambling offer have to become personal and here the application of the Artificial Intelligence makes even more sense than before.

“Artificial Intelligence sustains and guides the operator to make the best decisions for the management, acquisition and retention of players. The Artificial Intelligence software, through precise algorithms, works on different processes simultaneously while monitoring the player’s behaviour, suggesting operator information about players’ preferences. Licensees need suitable tools to manage their business with flexibility and an omni-channel platform and sportsbook software, based on this, AI is the key for operators to deliver the right product at the ideal time for every single customer by studying their past behaviour and also by aggregating players with similar gaming habits.

“The possibility to anticipate the player’s desires by suggesting the bets and games triggers his interest and this is fundamental to extend users’ life cycle to the advantage of the operator who can drive a targeted marketing campaign, propose tailor-made offers and increase the wagering activity.”

He went onto reveal that in the last year, mobile was BtoBet’s fastest growing channel, growth that underlines the fact there is currently a digital transformation onto mobile within the industry, as consumers continue to spend more and more time utilising content on both tablets and smartphones.

He commented: “ The development of new competencies revolves around the capacities to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, customer focused, streamlined, efficient and able to tap into new information. Present and future shifts and changes, leading to the necessity of a faster deployment of a digital transformation strategy, can be induced by the customer behaviour and expectations and by the new ecosystem around digital technologies.”

A key part of BtoBet’s innovative 2017 was the release of its White Paper report, titled ‘Digital transformation: betting and gaming catch the global wave. According to Fried, the White Paper emphasises that “the power of the technology that players and bettors now carry around with them 24/7 is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for licensees to engage with their customers”.

“The proliferation of mobile, and the ability to access content on-demand, suggests that purchasing power has shifted from the brand and retailer to the consumer,” he continued. “Definitely, with digitization, the player’s journey has become more interesting and full of opportunities. Mobile is the channel every iGaming and sports betting brand need to be prioritising.”

Looking ahead at future plans for 2018, Fried concluded: BtoBet is a multinational company and is part of a group with 20 years of experience in software development in IT, telecommunication, e-commerce and banking, strongly committed to technology and widely investing in technology research and development. The experience gained at the forefront in these advanced environments allows BtoBet to be visionary with a deep understanding of the requirements of the market, catching changing trends and anticipating bookmakers’ and operators’ needs.

“For 2018 we will proceed providing operators the most advanced iGaming platform and sportsbook that will allow them to differentiate from the others, being unique in the market with the possibility to customise their offers targeted for different market requirements. Additionally, by considering BtoBet as a partner,  not as a supplier, we will keep providing constant support to our clients, working closely with our client’s operations team – as colleagues – helping them during the everyday operational job,  winning together over any industry competition.”

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