Atlas-IAC’s Miloslav Ivanov: planning for growth and all eyes on LatAm

Miloslav Ivanov, who recently joined Atlas-IAC as Chief Sales Officer, outlines his plans for the company and its continuing growth, particularly in LatAm where it has established itself as one of the continent’s most exciting new success stories.   

Congratulations on your appointment as Chief Sales Officer at Atlas-IAC! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your plans for the company? 

With nearly a decade in the industry, I used to work with leading brands including SBTech, Delasport, and DraftKings, where I held the position of Commercial Director. Now I’m here with Atlas-IAC to enhance its worldwide reputation, and I couldn’t be more excited, to be honest.

Atlas-IAC is a platform for gambling operators, focused on delivering excellence on a global scale. It operates with diverse, cutting-edge trading tools and a fully automated CRM solution, which allows the complete management of customer marketing and communication activities in one place. 

The company was founded with the vision of modernising the global sports betting industry. It’s long been clear that manual labour would be replaced with data feeds and algorithmic pricing models. 

So, with this in mind, we set out to build a modern, modular, and scalable sports betting platform that could replace the legacy sports betting platforms that are still widely used. This has been the key to our impressive expansion.  

Looking at Atlas IAC’s rapid growth and operator deals, what do you believe has been key to your success?  

Because of our unique sportsbook with an incredible number of various automation tools allowing maximum optimisation, our growth has accelerated tremendously, cultivating a reputation of one of the best products technically. Our risk management is particularly strong, and seamless automation of this process has seen us set the precedent in this area across online sports betting. 

A prime example of this is the effectiveness with which we manage the risk during matches, protecting our operator partners from abuse via bettors who look to take advantage of any latency issue. We’ve seen our operator partners significantly increase profit via early identification of potential risks, which confirms the effectiveness of our risk management tool. 

Most clients opt for a turnkey solution that comes with a powerful retail system integrated. This allows efficient management of operations in our central office, branches, betting shops, and cash desks within a strict hierarchy with limited authorised accesses that minimises the risk of error, and all is managed easily and intuitively from a single place – via Backoffice. 

Onto Atlas-IAC’s team – what do you believe makes the company special and how can you stand out from the competition? 

Atlas-IAC was founded with the vision to modernise the betting industry – and this mantra is what drives the fantastic team here forward. Products are only as good as the teams behind them, and we are in the enviable position of having a top-quality team of experts that have decades of experience in the industry, having worked for some of the leading brands throughout Europe. 

I also believe we’re one of the industry’s most forward-thinking companies. In order to make this vision a reality, it is our goal to continue building a platform that is faster, more scalable, and more reliable than legacy platforms, and deliver this platform through a SaaS business model. 

With the use of enterprise-grade in-memory computing, private and public cloud virtualized servers, and years of research and development, we have ensured that Atlas-IAC is now one of the fastest growing B2B suppliers in the industry today. 

Looking at the LatAm factor, Atlas-IAC has quickly established itself as one of the continent’s most exciting new success stories. What’s been behind this growth? 

LatAm is never far from the forefront of anyone’s mind, with Brazil deemed by many to be the holy grail as regulation in Brazil gets closer to a positive resolution. Atlas-IAC has already made an incredibly strong start in the country with 28 operators in Brazil already deploying our market-leading platform. A tremendous achievement within an 18-month timeframe. 

Brazil’s potential has exceeded expectations, with major regional operators already processing $100s of millions in GGR, and with a sports-mad demographic, opportunities are plentiful for brands to make their mark and provide solutions and products to engage with this eager audience. 

However, LatAm is not just about Brazil. With Peru seeking regulation, we are ready to roll out our product in any newly regulated territory, and we also look forward to building on our established footprint in Colombia, we feel we have profiled the market both deeply and effectively, and the continent will no doubt be a mainstay of our focus over the coming years.

Last but not least, and onto new markets – what does Atlas-IAC have in store or the industry in the year ahead? 

First off, regulatory changes are a constant in the industry, and thanks to the proprietary technology our team has built, we’re going to be assisting our partners in overcoming these regulatory challenges, from territory to territory. We have always placed a strong premium on social responsibility and our solutions offer full workflow management across AML and customer interactions as well as flexible tools for self-exclusion, time-outs, and self-imposed limits.

Moving away from our success in LatAm, Africa is also a market that holds great interest for us. The continent has seen a boom in activity in recent years thanks to a slow decline in poverty, meaning more of the African population has additional disposable income, which dovetails with a surge in people using smartphones and having access to the internet, allowing operators to thrive.

The landscape in online betting is very exciting across the globe as new and emerging markets start to show their true potential. Here at Atlas-IAC, we are incredibly proud of the products and services that we deliver, and operators have seen the benefit of partnering with us, and we are ready to maximise our potential and truly flourish as bettors seek the wagering opportunities they crave from a multi-faceted and personalised platform.

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